Treats & Snacks

Perfect for parties, sharing with friends and everyday snacking, we have snacks for everyone. For those treating themselves to those more health conscious our snacks and mixes are sure to satisfy your taste buds and cure your cravings.

The perfect party snack for your guests is in this category. Ranging from coated peanuts to dried fruit halves. These are great options if you are looking to add healthier choices to your diet.


We have a wide range of confectioner including our vintage sweets, take a trip down memory lane with our Wine Gums, Dolly Mixture or Liquorice Rock. Try our top rated chocolate and yogurt coated range including dark, milk and white chocolate coated Brazil’s.

Browse our delicious range of sweet and tasty chocolates including the Lite Chocolate Company and an incredible range of other brands and chocolates. Find a treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth from light milk chocolate to rich and creamy dark varieties.
Sugar free cookies with no added sugar let you enjoy a tasty snack without the guilt or workout to make up for it! Craving a 'not so naughty' treat? Discover the perfect product for you including the delicious Diablo sugar free chocolate cookies.
A mouth-watering range of peanut bars, nut bars, muesli bars and more, a collection of healthy bars with no added sugar and natural ingredients, perfect for an on the go breakfast or quick snack to keep you going throughout the day.

Browse the delicious and healthy range of vegan treats, snacks and health foods guaranteed to satisfy your cravings with a wide range of products to select from. Find a vegan snack that takes your fancy today.

Discover our range of healthy crisps. Including our Eat Real and Good & Honest range which are vegan and gluten free. They come in delicious flavours and a choice of Hummus, Quinoa, or Lentil based crisps. These are great for all the family!

A Range of Tasty Treats & Snacks

Our collection of treats and snacks are perfect for sharing or snacking alone, choose from a range of confectionery, chocolate, biscuits and bars to find the perfect healthy treat for you.


Recipes & Lifestyle

Stay up to date with the latest health news from the Grape Tree community. Or, get inspired with our healthy recipes designed with healthy eating in mind. You can find many vegan recipes and gluten-free recipes and recipes from guest bloggers, including award-winning bloggers and recipe creators.

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