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Pistachios are part of the cashew family. They are thought to originate from Iran but are currently cultivated in many hot climates across the globe. They grow in shells, which you split open to get the nut from inside. 

Pistachios have an earthy, woody flavour with a hint of sweetness. They taste great plain or when added to savoury dishes or dessert recipes.

These flavourful nuts benefit the heart, digestion, and skin health, lowering cholesterol and increasing sleep quality. They are high in fibre and enriched with vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. 

Nutritional benefits of pistachios

Pistachios are packed with nutritional benefits to aid your health and wellness. Below, we have shared some essential vitamins and minerals pistachios contain.

High in fibre - Most adults in the UK lack fibre, and pistachios are an excellent way to add more to your diet. Fibre is essential, balancing bacteria in your gut, regulating digestion and binding stools.

Enriched with vitamin C - Vitamin C is crucial to building collagen naturally in your body. Collagen creates strong and elasticated fibres and tissue. This helps with bouncier skin, increased hair growth, structured arteries and flexible tendons between joints.

A source of vitamin B6 - Pistachios contain B6, a vital vitamin that enhances brain function and regulates your nervous system. When your nervous system is unbalanced, you will experience a hormone disruption, leading to disturbed sleep and mood fluctuations. So, eat a handful of pistachios to keep your nervous system healthy.

Packed with iron - You need iron for energy and to help keep your body warm. If you have an iron deficiency, you may experience cold hands and feet or always feel exhausted. Tasty pistachio nuts are a simple way to enhance your iron intake.

Full of magnesium - Similarly to vitamin B6, magnesium helps regulate your nervous system and is an essential mineral for a good night’s rest. It releases the sleep hormone melatonin, so if you are struggling to fall asleep regularly, eating pistachios may help.

Easy ways to eat pistachios 

Pistachios are a versatile and nutritional nut, making them easy to include in your everyday diet. Here are some of the ways you can start eating pistachios.

Try salted or spiced - Salted pistachios are a classic way to eat the nut and satisfy your salt cravings. You can also try them spiced by toasting them with your favourite flavours.

Add to a trail mix - The earthy and mildly sweet taste of pistachios makes them a delicious addition to any trail mix.
Experiment with pistachio ice cream - Pistachio ice cream originates from Italy and is a fantastic dessert.

Crush and add to sauces - Grinding and adding pistachio nuts to sauces is a simple way to include them in pasta and ensure fussy eaters get their nutrition!

Include in your vegetables - Give your veggies some crunch by sprinkling them with toasted, crushed pistachios. 

At Grape Tree, we pick high-quality pistachios so you experience great taste while getting nutritional benefits. Try our roasted and salted pistachios or the pistachio kernels. Alternatively, you can get pistachios in one of our nut mixes or in a delicious nut bar.


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