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Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamin supplements are an easy way to combat vitamin deficiencies or top up your levels for optimal health. Supplements do not replace a healthy and nutritious diet. However, they can bring out the best in you and provide you with that bit extra.

Health and beauty benefits of vitamin supplements

•  Excellent blood flow
•  Strong bones
•  Increased heart health
•  Energy
•  Enhanced moods
•  High-quality sleep
•  Better stress-resilence
•  Good blood flow
•  Well-functioning essential organs
•  Great gut health
•  Glowing skin
•  Reduced acne
•  Decreased fine lines and wrinkles
•  Smooth complexion
•  Increased hair growth
•  Less hair loss
•  Strong nails

Vitamin A

Vitamin A (retinol) plays a role in heart health, blood pressure, vision and development. It’s also vital for your immune system. We supply vitamin A supplements in an oral spray, making it easy to pick up and get your daily dose on the go. We also have aloe vera gel infused with vitamin A, which you can massage onto your skin and let it absorb the benefits.

Vitamin B

B vitamins give your body energy and vitality by converting food into energy. You will likely feel sluggish and tired if you struggle with a vitamin B deficiency. Our range of supplements includes a multivitamin oral spray with B vitamins or a B12 oral spray. All it takes is a few seconds to increase your health and energy levels.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is integral to collagen production, contributing to your eye, skin, heart, bone and muscle health. Your immune system also requires vitamin C to defend against harmful pathogens. Grape Tree’s vitamin C selection contains an oral spray, gel and capsules with zinc and vitamin C for ultimate absorption. 

Vitamin D

The most significant deficiency in the UK is vitamin D, so if there’s one vitamin you need to take, it’s this one. Vitamin D aids hair growth, sleep, hormone production and the immune system. Check out our varying vitamin D strengths in oral sprays and capsules.


Multivitamins are the perfect way to cover all bases. A multivitamin is the answer if you are not deficient in one area but would like something to maximise your health. Check out the MultiVit Oral Spray with a blend of 14 essential vitamins and minerals. Alternatively, try Grape Tree’s pure vitamin capsules containing vitamins C, E, A, D3, B1, B2 and Niacin.

How to take vitamin supplements

Each of our supplements guides you on the dosage, how much to take, and how often. However, the essential thing to remember is to take them consistently and give them approximately three months for their benefits to kick in.

Browse our premium selection of vitamins A, B, C and D supplements and multivitamins for a health-enhancing lifestyle. 

Choose from a wide range of vitamins, including a variety of multivitamins in tablet and soft jell form as well as vitamin and mineral oral sprays from natural health brand BetterYou.

Browse our range of vitamins and discover the perfect product for you.


Explore our wide range of mineral supplements including transdermal sprays from the award-winning BetterYou, innovators in natural health with products that deliver key nutrients lost through modern diets and lifestyles.

These include turmeric oral spray, iron, vitamin D and multi-vitamin sprays, as well as a great range of magnesium supplements.


Explore our range of health supplements that help to support a varied and balanced diet and promote wellness in different areas of the body.

From a max strength cold and flu supplement containing the highest quality bee propolis to probiotic friendly bacteria promoting good digestive health, find the health supplement that’s right for you.

Shop our range of incredible superfood powders and Optima juices, including both organic and raw. We have a wide variety to choose from such as Beetroot, Wheatgrass, Spirulina and Pure Curcumin. On top of Optima and Aloe Pura range of juices, including Aloe Vera and Natural Cranberry.

Vitamins & Supplements for a Well-Balanced Lifestyle

Our wide range of vitamins and supplements is designed to help maintain a well-balanced diet and lifestyle and includes an incredible collection of health products from sprays, tablets and gels, which provide a range of different support and health benefits.


Recipes & Lifestyle

Stay up to date with the latest health news from the Grape Tree community. Or, get inspired with our healthy recipes designed with healthy eating in mind. You can find many vegan recipes and gluten-free recipes and recipes from guest bloggers, including award-winning bloggers and recipe creators.

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