Value Packs

If you love cooking, you’ll know how frustrating it is to open the cupboard door and see that you’ve run out of herbs and spices. Avoid the disaster and buy in bulk with our value packs. 

Stock up on flavour-bursting coriander seeds, or add a sprinkling of cumin seeds. Enjoy the warm, spicy taste of whole cloves and the mild citrus, woody notes of green cardamom. Or you can give your dishes some heat kick with our whole red chillies and yellow mustard seeds. 

The benefits of value packs

• Budget-friendly

• Can create batches of blends and store them for later use

• Lasts longer

• Fantastic for large families

• Perfect for avid cookers


Easy ways to use value packs

Value packs have plenty of advantages, but how can you use them? We’ve got a few suggestions below for inspiration.

Use in cooking for unique flavours - The number one way to use value packs of spices is in your cooking. Give dishes a depth of flavour with hot, firey, woody or citrusy notes.


Make your own blends - Sometimes, creating a blend takes up every spice you have. But buying in bulk gives you more to work with and store for future use.


Stock up so you don’t run out - Instead of buying in small quantities that always need restocking, invest in a spice haul so you don’t have to worry about running out at inconvenient times.


Infuse in olive oil - You won’t go back after making olive oil infused with whole chillies and mustard seeds. Just a dash will give your food a subtle spice kick.


Make spice and herb packets for friends - Want to make a homemade present for friends and family? Create a blend of herbs and spices, pop in a small bag and tie a ribbon around the top for a unique and thoughtful gift.


Keep your cupboards stocked with our selection of flavoursome value packs today.


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