Sleep And Relax Tea

Have you ever stared at the ceiling, willing yourself to fall asleep? If so, you may need a beautifully relaxing tea as part of your bedtime routine. Nighttime teas are an infusion of herbs used for centuries to promote rest and restoration. They’re lovely to drink in the evenings to calm your mind and prepare your body for sleep.

Benefits of relaxing teas

Sipping a hot beverage creates a moment to slow down before slipping into a peaceful slumber. Here are some of the incredible benefits of drinking nighttime tea:

Caffeine-free - If you want a hot drink before bed without the caffeine, herbal teas are your friend. They give you that wonderful ‘ahh’ moment of bliss without the high of coffee or black tea that can keep you awake.

Natural sedatives - Nightime teas are curated with herbs and flowers that contain gentle sedative properties, helping you drift off.

Helps you wind down - A hot drink is comforting and relaxing, just what you need before bed. The herbs calm your nervous system, rebalancing you for the next day.

Makes a wonderful bedtime ritual - Turning off the TV and forcing yourself to go to bed is tough. But drinking a soothing tea creates a bedtime routine and tells your brain and body it’s time for sleep.

Soothes inflammation - Nighttime teas regularly contain ingredients that calm irritated cells. This can help your skin, stress levels and digestive system.

Other beneficial properties - Herbs are abundant in antioxidants that promote better blood circulation and heart health. 


Grape Tree’s top sleep and relax teas

At Grape Tree, we’ve mindfully curated a selection of herbal teas to help you slip into a peaceful sleep.

Pukka Organic Relax Herbal Tea

Pukka’s Relax Herbal Tea contains the subtle sedative properties of chamomile, a small yellow flower that helps sleep. Liquorice root stimulates relaxation in the brain, and ginger soothes inflammation.

Pukka Organic Night Time Herbal Tea

If you need a deep night’s sleep, Pukka’s blend of organic oat, lavender, and limeflower is ideal. Oats are well-known for regulating the sleep hormone melatonin, and lavender is a classic relaxer.

Pukka Night Time Berry Organic Herbal Tea

There’s nothing more calming than the tranquil scent and taste of rosehip and hibiscus flower. Savour the natural sweetness of blackcurrant and enjoy the sleep-enhancing properties of valerian root for a dreamy slumber.  

English Tea Shop Organic Sleepy Me Tea 

This sleepy tea sticks to the sleep-inducing herbs, chamomile, lavender, hop leaves, valerian root and lemon balm. These ingredients have been used for centuries for their potent relaxation and soothing properties. 

Sleep and relax with Grape Tree

Don’t toss and turn at night or stay up from stress. Instead, incorporate a beautiful nighttime tea into your bedtime ritual and rest easy with Grape Tree.


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Pukka Night Time Berry Organic Herbal Tea 20 Bags
2 For £7.50
Mix & Match
Pukka Organic Night Time Herbal Tea 20 Bags
2 For £7.50
Mix & Match
Pukka Organic Relax Herbal Tea 20 Bags

4 Items