Porridge & Oats

Porridge (known as oatmeal in the US) is made from cooking oats, usually with boiling water or some type of milk. But you don’t have to use oats to make porridge. They are an extremely versatile grain and can be included in baking, cooking and even as beauty treatments.

Nutritional benefits of porridge and oats

Porridge and oats are deliciously nutritious and abundant in multiple vitamins and minerals. Eating oats improves heart health, inflammation, fibre intake, and blood sugar balance.

High in phosphorus

The mineral phosphorus builds tissue and muscle, essential for anything from sports to everyday activities like walking. This makes porridge a fantastic breakfast to start your day, get in shape and stay strong.

High in copper

Copper contributes to creating white blood cells that fight harmful pathogens (the cause of disease and illness). Eating oats provides your body with copper to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy.

Source of iron

Iron is vital for transporting oxygen around your bloodstream, feeding essential organs and giving you energy. When you have an iron deficiency, you may struggle to stay awake or feel weak. So, consume oats regularly for added iron.

Rich in zinc

Zinc is a mineral that helps your body extract and absorb nutrients from food to give you energy. It also enhances your immune system, protecting you against illness, coughs and colds.

Bursting with vitamin B6

B6 is a vitamin that converts food into energy and improves the effectiveness of your immune system. Consuming oats will top up your B6 levels to ensure you have enough power and focus throughout the day.

Easy ways to eat porridge and oats

There are many simple ways to eat porridge and use oats to get the benefits of zinc, iron, vitamin B6, copper and phosphorus. Check out our top ideas below:

Porridge with fruit, nuts and seeds - Make porridge on the hob or microwave with water or milk. Then, add fruit, seeds and nuts for extra amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Oat breakfast muffins - Oat muffins are a nutritious snack you can grab instead of a chocolate bar. Make apple, blueberry or even chocolate flavours!

Protein balls - Mixing oats with protein powder and nut milk is the perfect way to build muscle and keep you full for longer.

Overnight oats - Don’t have time to make porridge in the morning? Simply spoon oats into a glass jar and cover with milk, then leave overnight in the fridge. Wake up to a deliciously creamy breakfast and top with jam and fruit.

Eat with Greek yoghurt - Swap out granola for oats and sprinkle on top of Greek yoghurt for a protein and fibrous breakfast or snack.

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