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Nut Butter

Nut butters are nuts that have had their skins removed before being crushed and mixed to form a paste-like texture. You can get different types of nut butter, including almond, cashew and peanut. Trying a variety of nut butter is a great way to get additional nutrients and experience new flavours.

Nutritional benefits of nut butter

The nutritional benefits depend on the nut butter you choose. At Grape Tree, we provide delicious almond, cashew, and peanut butter. Keep reading for the nutritional benefits of each one.

Almond butter - Almond is a well-known superfood and extremely high in protein. This makes almond butter a great snack if you are following a keto diet or want to increase your protein intake. It has essential fatty acids to lower blood pressure and regulate sugar levels. Almonds also contain iron to enhance energy levels and boost your immune system.

Our almond butter contains 100% almonds without any additives. Each nut has had its skin removed before being crushed and whipped to form a deliciously smooth butter.

Cashew butter - Cashews have a sweet taste and contain vitamin C - essential for collagen synthesis. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and helps build arteries, hair, skin, nails, muscles, bone tissue and tendons.

Our cashew butter is made of 100% cashews, which are roasted and then crushed into a smooth and nutritious paste.

Peanut butter - Possibly one of the most well-known nut butters, peanut butter is a staple in many homes. Peanuts are packed with protein and are a source of amino acids, which help build collagen. They also provide antioxidants to protect your body against inflammation, promoting healthy blood flow and increased heart health.

Natural Selection Smooth Peanut Butter is made in the UK with no added sugar or palm oil and is an excellent choice for vegans.

Easy ways to eat nut butter

There are countless ways to eat nut butter, and we have listed a few ideas so you can get started.

Spread on toast - The simplest way to eat nut butter is to spread it onto toast. Alternatively, you can use it as a filling in sandwiches. Peanut butter and jam is a particular favourite.

Add to smoothies - A spoonful of nut butter will boost any smoothie with protein and additional nutrients.

Pair with fruit - Almonds and dates, apricots and cashews, or peanut butter and banana make tasty snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bake into desserts - Nut butters are widely used in desserts, such as brownies and cheesecakes. Choose your favourite pudding and incorporate a tasty nut butter.

Make protein balls - The smooth texture of nut butter means you can quickly create nutritious protein balls. Choose almond, cashew or peanut butter, add oats and dried chopped fruit of chocolate, then roll into balls. Keep them in the fridge and snack on them as a healthy and filling treat.

Try a variety of our deliciously tasty vegan nut butters. Whether it is cashew, almond or peanut, we are sure you’ll find a nut butter you love.

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