Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is 100% coconut flakes, ground to make a thick, creamy butter. It’s high in fibre and nutrients with a fragrant, sweet coconut taste, bursting with healthy fats. Coconut butter has a similar consistency to peanut butter, and like any natural butter, the oil can separate. All it requires is a good stir to mix together.

Coconut butter is excellent for easing joint pain, radiant skin, strong bones and high-quality sleep. It’s enriched with antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, and lauric acid.

Health benefits of coconut butter

Coconut butter is excellent for your health, but like dairy butter, it is high in healthy fats. Therefore, it is best to consume in moderation for maximum benefits. Below are some of the vitamins and minerals abundant in coconut butter.

Source of antioxidants - Antioxidants shield cells against free radicals caused by sun damage, ageing, poor nutrition and lack of sleep. When these radicals attack cells, it breaks them down, causing inflammation, illness and premature ageing. Coconut butter protects your body against damage for better health and wellness.

Source of calcium - Coconut butter is enriched with calcium, strengthening bones, nails and teeth. If you are vegan, lactose intolerant or don’t like cow’s milk, increase your calcium intake with coconut butter.

Contains magnesium - Magnesium regulates melatonin - a hormone crucial for sleep. When your melatonin is irregular, you will struggle to fall asleep or may way up throughout the night. So add coconut butter for a melatonin release.

High in lauric acid - Lauric acid fortifies your immune system by encouraging the production of antibodies. These are also known as ‘kill cells’ and fight harmful pathogens that cause illness. Lauric acid also helps slowly release energy so you feel full for longer and don’t experience energy spikes and drops.

Enriched with healthy fats - Healthy fats are anti-inflammatory. Inflammed cells can trigger gut issues, acne, hair fall, painful joints, and lower your immune system. But coconut butter gives your body a dose of anti-inflammatories for a happier body.

Easy ways to use coconut butter

Coconut is an easy dairy replacement and simple to add to multiple recipes. Discover a few of our top ideas below for using coconut butter:

Use in baking - Don’t want dairy butter? No problem! Coconut butter is dairy-free and contains fibre, making an excellent dairy replacement in cakes, brownies and cookies. 

Create coconut porridge - Whip up a rich, creamy porridge by adding a tablespoon of organic coconut butter. It’s an extra boost of protein and fibre for long-lasting energy.

Add to a bath - Scoop a tablespoon of coconut butter and stir into a jug of hot water to melt. Add to the bath and relax for a deeply conditioning and therapeutic soak. The oil and fat in coconut butter can make the tub slippery, so always use a bathmat.

Stir into curries - Thicken up curries by including coconut butter for a deliciously smooth, creamy taste. Perfect for a dose of antioxidants, magnesium, calcium and lauric acid.

Switch dairy butter for coconut butter - Instead of using dairy butter, get fibre and sweetness with coconut butter.

At Grape Tree, we provide organic, creamy coconut butter that tastes delicious and is rich in nutrients. Check out our products for sweet, nutty coconut delight.

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