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Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds come from, you guessed it, sunflowers! They are small, pale to dark brown seeds native to North America with a light, nutty flavour. They are good for balancing blood pressure, increasing heart health, enhancing liver function, supporting your immune system and lowering cholesterol.

We supply a variety of sunflower seeds, including organic and mixed into seed super packs, such as an omega seed mix and a salad sprinkle.

Nutritional benefits of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds have a spot on the superfoods list because of their extreme nutritional value for such a tiny seed. Read on for the top five benefits:

High in vitamin E - Vitamin E plays a vital role in keeping your immune system strong. When your body has sufficient vitamin E, you are less likely to pick up colds and illnesses. Not only is this good for you, but it also means you are less likely to expose your friends and family to harmful bacteria.

Great source of fibre - The crunchy texture of sunflower seeds makes them an excellent source of fibre. This will help your digestive system, reducing painful gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhoea and constipation. 

Packed with protein - There is an impressive 20 grams of protein in every 100 grams of our organic sunflower seeds. So, if you are following the keto diet or want to build muscle, you will benefit from adding sunflower seeds to your nutrition.

Rich in zinc - When you have a zinc deficiency, you may experience hair loss, infections and stomach issues, so having enough in your diet is crucial. Sunflower seeds are a simple source of zinc to keep your levels in check.

Bursting with omega fatty acids - Omega fatty acids have incredible health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory foods soothe cells so blood flows easily, improving hair growth, skin vitality, heart health, liver function, focus and sleep. 

Easy ways to eat sunflower seeds

Sunflower seed's slight crunch and mild flavour make them highly versatile and simple to add to any dish or even eat raw. Check out the best ways to eat sunflower seeds:

Try them toasted - Sunflower seeds taste delicious, roasted and sprinkled over salads. Toast them with herbs, salt, and pepper for an easy garnish to impress your tastebuds.

Eat in a trail mix - If you like the superfood benefits of sunflower seeds, then having them in a trail mix is a must. You can create a personalised trail mix using the nuts, seeds and fruits we provide or try our omega seed mix with goji berries.

Add to your breakfast - A dash of sunflower seeds over Greek yoghurt, granola or porridge takes a few seconds and instantly increases your vitamin and mineral intake.

Make homemade snack bars - If you enjoy creating healthy treats, sunflower seeds are an excellent addition to homemade snack bars.

Mix into stir-fries - Nuts and seeds work brilliantly in stir-fries, and sunflower seeds are no exception. 

Enjoy the simplicity and nutritional benefits of the sunflower seed superfood. Check out our seed mixes or enjoy our high-quality, organic selection.

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