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Honeys, jams and spreads make a house a home, especially when it comes to baking and breakfast. Our selection of spreads are naturally sweet and naturally delicious!


Pure Gold Manuka Honey

Manuka honey comes from the rural parts of New Zealand. It’s classed as a superfood because of its unique properties from a component in the honey known as MGO. The higher the MGO, the more potent the properties. We have 100, 200 and 300+MGO Manuka honey.

Ways to use Manuka honey

Manuka honey is deliciously sweet, making it easy to use in a number of ways. Check out a few simple ways to use this honey:

Soothe a sore throat - Mauka honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. This means it kills bacteria, and the smooth texture calms a sore throat.


Spread on toast - Level up your regular honey and get the benefit of Mauka honey as a snack or super-powered start to your morning.


Drizzle over Greek yoghurt - Greek yoghurt can taste plain to some people, so sweeten it with golden Makuna and enjoy the health-boosting benefits.


Organic Vegan Mylk Hazel Cocoa Spread

If you love chocolate spread but can never find a vegan alternative, this cocoa spread is for you. Made with deliciously rich hazelnuts, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and vanilla extract, you won’t want to turn back.

Ways to use Vegan Mylk Hazel Cocoa Spread

There’s more than one way to use vegan cocoa spread, and we’ve listed a few ideas below:

Cocoa-spread on toast - Switch out Nutella for this palm fat-free vegan alternative and spread it on your toast for a chocolatey start to your morning.


Make gooey chocolate brownies - Put a few spoonfuls of cocoa spread into your brownie mix for a smooth, gooey texture in your baking.


Chocolate dip for fruit - Fancy a sweet snack? Chop up banana or strawberries and dip into the rich cocoa, hazelnut and vanilla vegan spread.


Biona Organic Rice Syrup

Rice syrup has a sweet and mellow taste and can be used to sweeten drinks, as a spread, in cooking or for sweetening desserts. It’s dairy-free, lactose-free and nut-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ways to use rice syrup

Like other syrups, you can use rice syrup to enrich almost any dish in many ways.

Natural sweetener for tea or coffee - Ditch refined sugar and stir in half a teaspoon of rice syrup in hot drinks.


Baked goods - Choose rice syrup to sweeten cakes, cookies, brownies and pastries.


Enhance your breakfast - Granola tastes incredible with a drizzle of rice syrup over the top, giving a sweet and delicate taste.


St Lawrence Pure Organic Maple Syrup

This Canadian maple syrup is sumptuous, rich and sweet. It’s organic, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and, of course, perfect for pancakes.

Ways to use maple syrup

Almost anything and everything tastes fantastic when you add maple syrup (especially this Grade A Candian one!). Check out a few uses:

French toast - Dip slightly stale bread in a mix of egg, butter and cinnamon. Fry until golden brown, then dribble on maple syrup.


In your baking - Maple syrup makes a great sugar swap. Use it in muffins and cakes for a rich texture.


Milkshakes - Vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate…all of these flavours benefit from a dash of premium maple syrup.


Organic Agave Syrup Nectar Light


Agave syrup comes from the agave plant and is pale in colour with a sweet and mild taste. It’s more delicate and light in consistency and flavour than maple syrup, which has a denser texture.

Ways to use agave syrup

You can use agave syrup just like any other syrup. Here are our favourite ways:

On top of porridge - Give your oats a light sweetness and drizzle agave syrup over the top. It tastes fantastic over slices of banana with cinnamon.


Herbal teas - If you’re not a fan of honey in your tea, agave syrup is a good replacement. Stir in half a teaspoon when the tea is hot and enjoy.


Drizzle over waffles - Any syrup works well on top of waffles, but agave syrup's lighter, runny texture is incredibly delicious. 


Extend your range of honey, jams and spreads today

Whether you want a natural sweeter for herbal tea, a sugar replacement in baking or a topping for your breakfast, our syrups are a fantastic place to start.

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