Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is the white flesh of coconuts ground into a soft and delicate powder. It holds its coconut scent and flavour, giving baking or savoury dishes a unique taste. It makes an excellent replacement for wheat flour as it’s gluten-free and contains a high source of fibre and protein. You can use coconut flour in baking or savoury dishes.

Coconut flour contains the nutritious properties of coconuts, including vitamin B3, folate, vitamin E, magnesium and vitamin K. It benefits the body by reducing inflammation, regulating blood sugar, increasing heart health and contributing to glowing skin. Coconut flour is high in healthy fats, which are beneficial in small amounts, so eat in moderation.

Health benefits of coconut flour

There are many advantages of switching out wheat flour for coconut flour. Below is a list of its top health benefits:

High in fibre - Unlike regular wheat flour, coconut flour is significantly higher in fibre. This is great news if you want to make baking or homemade dishes more healthy. Fibre is essential for a smooth, working digestive system. So, include coconut flour in your diet to increase your fibre intake.

Contains vitamin E - Vitamin E protects your cells against antioxidants, which break down cells such as collagen - essential for resilient joints and bouncy skin. Antioxidants can also cause certain types of cancer, so fortify your body with nutritious foods such as coconut flour.

Source of folate - Folate is vital for maintaining energy, and without enough, you will likely experience constant tiredness. This can affect your mood, sleep and overall health, so up your folate levels with coconut flour. 

Abundant in magnesium - Magnesium helps the body switch off and relax, particularly important for sleep. The mineral regulates the sleep hormone melatonin, which enables you to drift off and get high-quality rest. If you struggle with sleep, adding magnesium to your diet will help.

Bursting with vitamin K - Vitamin K forms blood clots to speed up the process of wound healing. It also contributes to healthy essential organs, like your liver, kidneys and heart.

Easy ways to use coconut flour

Coconut flour’s sweet flavour and decadent scent make it simple to include in baking or savoury dishes for a nutritious boost. Here are some of our top ideas:

Bake coconut fairy cakes - Instead of tipping in processed white flour, create a coconutty spin on fairy cakes for additional fibre and protein.

Use it for macarons - You can make macarons using almond flour or coconut flour. Both give the sweet treat a deliciously rich flavour.

Make vegan coconut pancakes - Replace eggs and wheat flour with coconut flour and a banana for fibrous, protein-dense vegan pancakes.

Thicken curries - If your curry looks a little watery, sprinkle in coconut flour to thicken it. This works especially well with coconut curries as it enhances the flavour.

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