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Coconut Milk & Water

Coconut milk is shredded fresh coconut with water to make a thick, creamy texture. Cans of coconut milk usually separate with the buttery coconut substance on top and the milky water beneath. All you need to do is stir.

Coconut water is the liquid inside of coconuts and differs from coconut milk. It has a translucent milky white colour, which is incredibly hydrating.

Both coconut water and milk are bursting with goodness, containing magnesium, amino acids, calcium, potassium and manganese (as well as many other nutrients). They help replace electrolytes, tackle inflammation, increase blood flow, ease joint pain and balance blood sugar.

Health benefits of coconut milk and water

Coconut milk and water are incredibly beneficial for your health because they are rich in a multitude of vitamins and minerals.

High in magnesium - Magnesium releases the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps you nod off and achieve high-quality sleep. Melatonin is easily suppressed by blue light, which is emitted from screens. So, switch nighttime Netflix for a book and a coconut drink for a dose of magnesium and a better slumber.

Bursting with amino acids - Amino acids enable your body to build a protein called collagen, which gives your tendons, joints and skin strength and elasticity. They also help your eyesight, so eat foods such as coconut milk and water to look after your eye health.

Rich in calcium - Instead of drinking a glass of cow’s milk daily, add coconut milk to your diet for extra calcium. This will bolster your bones and nurture your teeth.

Full of potassium - Potassium is a mineral that transfers protein into energy. Without enough potassium, you will suffer extreme tiredness, affecting your athletic performance and brain functioning.

High in manganese - Manganese protects your body from harmful cells known as free radicals. These radicals can trigger inflammation, such as gut issues, acne, and swollen joints.

Easy ways to use coconut milk and water

Coconut milk and water have a distinctive sweet yet nutty taste, making it easy to enhance flavour in dishes. See our ideas for using both types below:

Drink coconut water to replace electrolytes - Electrolytes are minerals that hydrate and replenish your body. You lose them from sweat and drinking alcohol. So, if you’re drinking water but still feel thirsty, consume a glass of coconut water.

Stir into curries - Coconut milk makes curries thick, creamy and nutrient-dense. Carefully stir in a tin when you next make coconut curry.

Make coconut porridge - Have a protein-infused breakfast by mixing a tablespoon or two of coconut milk into your porridge. Finish off with a sprinkle of coconut flakes for the ultimate start to your day.

Add to your coffee - Give coffee and cream a new spin by stirring a small amount of coconut milk into your hot beverage to replace regular milk.

Include in your bath - Pour coconut water or add a tablespoon of creamy coconut milk to a warm bath for soft and moisturised skin. 

We have a unique selection of mood-boosting coconut water, organic coconut milk and powdered coconut milk (perfect for storing in your cupboard). Look through our high-quality selection today.

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