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Brazil Nuts

Originating from Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, Brazil nuts are popular for their wellness benefits. These large nuts have an earthy, bitter-sweet taste and creamy texture that you can add to almost any dish.

Brazil nuts are fantastic for reducing inflammation, balancing your thyroid and supercharging brain function. Bursting with vitamin E, selenium, copper and magnesium, you’ll get a health-enhancing dose of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional benefits of Brazil nuts

If you aren’t currently including Brazil nuts in your diet, it may be time to change. Check out their incredible health benefits below.

Rich in vitamin E- Brazil nuts are high in vitamin E - critical to enhancing skin and hair health and protecting your body against disease. 

Bursting with selenium - Selenium is a vital mineral in food to balance your thyroid, the main gland that regulates hormones. If you have an overactive or underactive thyroid, you may suffer from weight gain or loss, tiredness and mood swings. But with a few Brazil nuts, you will contribute towards a healthy thyroid function.

High in copper - Brazil nuts are a great source of copper. Copper supports your immune system and protects your body against free radicals (atoms that attack and damage cells).

Packed with magnesium - The mineral magnesium is essential to regulate melatonin (the sleep hormone). When your body represses melatonin, you’ll struggle to fall and stay asleep. So, choosing Brazil nuts as a late-night snack isn’t a bad idea!

Easy ways to eat Brazil nuts

There are countless ways to add Brazil nuts to your lifestyle. Whether it’s eating them as they are or adding them to soups, we’ve come up with some top Brazil nut ideas.

Eat them plain - Brazil nuts have a rich flavour without adding anything extra. So, if you like their natural, woodsy taste, eat them as they are.

Chop them into a salad - The best salads have texture, different flavours and a wealth of nutritional benefits. You can enhance salads by throwing in some chopped Brazil nuts - easy!

Try them chocolate-coated - The astringent taste of Brazil nuts beautifully complements the sweetness of chocolate. So, instead of eating a plain chocolate bar, switch to chocolate-coated Brazil nuts for additional vitamins and minerals. 

Make Brazil nut desserts - Brazil nuts in brownies and chopped on top of cakes or ice cream are a wonderful way to give your sweet treats a health twist.

Include Brazil nuts in a trail mix - Brazil nuts pair wonderfully with dried fruit in a trail mix, adding an earthy undertone and creamy texture.

These are only a few ways to add Brazil nuts to your diet, and there are many more! Check out our range of organic, snapped and chocolate-coated Brazil nuts below.


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