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Glace Fruits

Glace fruits are fruits or peels preserved in sugar syrup to make a heavenly sweet treat. Glace cherries and ginger peels are traditionally used for baking or to garnish cakes. However, they also make a fantastic snack, raw or dipped in chocolate.

Browse the range of glace fruit we supply below:

• Whole natural red cherries
• Whole red cherries
• Whole and broken red cherries
• Whole natural dark glace cherries
• Mixed coloured glace cherries
• Dried sour cherries
• Stem ginger
• Whole peel caps

Easy ways to use glace fruits

There are an incredible number of ways to use glace fruits. You can try traditional methods or experiment. Take a look at the following ideas for inspiration:

On top of cherry bakewells - If you have ever bought cherry bakewells, you’ll know that they are topped with half a glace cherry. Try making bakewell tarts and garnish them with our whole and broken red cherries.

Put in mince pies - You need candied fruits to make the perfect mince pie. Why not try creating some from scratch over Christmas? 

Bake a fruit cake - Fruit cakes need fruit! And with our range of glace cherries, stem ginger and orange peel, you are spoilt for choice.

Decorate a cake with candied orange - Candied orange peel gives a beautiful and professional pop of colour as a cake decoration.

Add a gingery spice kick to cookies - If you want to try something other than the classic chocolate chip cookie, experiment with stem ginger's soft yet spicy kick.

Make sweet bread - Glace fruits work brilliantly in sweet bread, giving the bread a different texture, taste and look.

Use colourful cherries for fairycake toppings - Our colourful glace cherries in red, green and yellow are perfect for parties. Instead of adding sprinkles, switch it up with bright and fun glace cherries.

Create a personalised sweet mix - Choosing your favourite sweets is fun. So, select the glace fruits you love for a pick ‘n’ mix, from candied orange peel or sour cherries.

Pop on top of ice cream - Glace fruits pair wonderfully with ice cream. You can chop them up, mix them in, or use them as a topping.

Include in a baking hamper basket - If your friend is into baking, why not make them a hamper basket? Adding a range of glace fruit is a wonderful touch to get them started.

Have as a luxury sweet treat - Glace fruits taste divine dipped in chocolate or on their own. Swap out the store-bought dessert you get every time and have delicious glace fruits instead.

Our glace fruits are high-quality and taste delicious, perfect for baking or eating on their own. Explore our range of cherries, ginger and orange today.

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