Vitamin C

Vitamin C is well-known across the health, wellness and beauty space. But are you getting enough? The primary source of the vitamin comes from fruit and veggies. However, with only 28% of UK adults getting their five-a-day, you may need an added boost. 

Of course, vitamin C supplements are not a replacement for your oranges and carrots, but they are handy in giving you a top-up when needed.

What happens when you don’t have enough vitamin C?

•  Poor skin health
•  Hair loss
•  Brittle bones
•  Tiredness
•  Slow wound-healing
•  Sore muscles
•  Consistently catching colds
•  Taking a long time to recover from illness
•  Low mood
•  Bruising easily

Health benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital to living a healthy lifestyle as it helps both your physical and mental well-being. Below are the top benefits of taking a vitamin C supplement:

Glowing skin - Vitamin C acts as an ‘ingredient’ for the body to build collagen - the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen contributes to cell renewal, giving your skin cells strength and elasticity. This plumps fine lines and wrinkles, smooths uneven texture and reduces acne for a fresh complexion.

Enhanced immune system - You need vitamin C for your white blood cells to produce antibodies, which fight off foreign bacteria that cause illness. If you are lacking in vitamin C, you may find yourself becoming regularly ill or struggling to recover when you’re sick.

Strong bones - Vitamin C supplies the body with collagen, which you need to build supportive bones, muscles and tendons. When you don’t have enough vitamin C, bones become brittle and can easily fracture or break.

Increases energy - The essential vitamin increases your metabolism by aiding the transportation of fatty acids. This allows your body to efficiently convert nutrients into energy for a reduction in tiredness and high energy levels.

A boost in blood flow - Vitamin C gives your arteries structure and flexibility, enabling blood to flow easily through them without blockage. This places less pressure on your heart and provides your body with energy, keeping you warm and lowering fatigue.

We provide only the best vitamin C supplements

At Grape Tree, we are passionate about health and wellness. That’s why we have mindfully collected the best vitamin C supplements. You can choose from a vitamin C oral spray or capsules, as well as a gel which absorbs into your skin. Discover our range today.

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