Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are native to the United States, Europe and Asia, where they grow on stone pine and pinyon pine trees. They are smooth in texture with a light crunch, mild-tasting and lightly sweet. These nuts are a fantastic garnish for almost any dish and can be eaten raw or with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Pine nuts are good for liver function, skin health, reducing bad cholesterol (LDL), increasing heart strength and aiding blood flow. They are powerhouses for protein, zinc, iron, vitamin K and copper, making a nutritious addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional benefits of pine nuts

Pine nuts have many health benefits, which is excellent news, considering they taste so good. Below are just some of the ways pine nuts contribute towards wellness.

Source of protein - Our pine nut kernels contain 14 grams of protein per 100 grams, making them ideal for upping your protein intake. Protein helps you stay full longer, making you less likely to reach for sweet treats, resulting in better weight management.

Bursting with iron - Iron is vital to help your energy levels as it helps transport oxygen around your body and convert food into energy. Pine nuts are an excellent source of iron, so add them to your spinach to boost iron levels.

Good for copper - Copper maintains your tendons and blood vessels. When your blood vessels are healthy, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to carry oxygen around your body. Strong and flexible tendons reduce joint pain, making it easier to move around and exercise.

Contains vitamin K - Pine nuts are a great source of vitamin K, vital for building proteins that reduce blood clotting and keep bones strong.

Rich in zinc - Zinc is a fantastic mineral for aiding wound healing, including muscle repair. It also enhances your skin by calming acne and increasing cell turnover for more youthful skin.

Easy ways to eat pine nuts

Pine nuts are simple to add to meals or eat raw. We have collated a few ideas to get your daily dose.

Try them toasted - A popular way to eat pine nuts is toasting them because it enhances their naturally delicious flavour. Try toasting them with herbs, salt, pepper or garlic - whatever you like!

Eat them as they are - If you don’t want to toast them, then you’re in luck because the creamy texture of pine nuts makes the perfect snack.

Sprinkle onto salads - Salads can become boring if you don’t add the little extras that make a big difference. So, try mixing in toasted or raw pine nuts.

Mix in with pasta - An easy way to include pine nuts in your diet is to stir them into any pasta dish. They go particularly well with pesto, giving you an extra crunch along with their nutrition benefits.

Include in a trail mix - If you like some sweetness in your trail mix, then adding pine nuts is a great option. They also pair wonderfully with slightly bitter-tasting nuts to balance the different flavours.

You can try our pine nuts in small amounts or grab them in bulk if they are a staple in your house. We also have a salad mix with pine nuts to sprinkle over any side dish. Simply check out our high-quality pine nuts below.



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