Mushrooms have been used as natural remedies for centuries and are fantastic at harmonising the body and mind. We have a variety of mushroom supplements to tend to your needs, whether that’s to support your immune system, boost brain health or soothe anxiety.

Health benefits of mushroom supplements

The health benefits of mushroom supplements have been well-documented over the years. We have a hand-picked (no pun intended) selection of mushroom products for you to try.

Calms anxiety

Anxiety is caused when the parasympathetic nervous system is on overdrive. You may experience a racing heart, intrusive thoughts, hot flushes, an upset stomach and overstimulation from things such as sound or light.

Specific mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane and Reishi Mushroom may soothe anxiety by balancing the nervous system. This relaxes your body, balances hormones, and calms an overactive brain.

Reduces symptoms of depression

There are many causes of depression, and it's a mental health condition that requires treatment from a qualified doctor. However, mushroom supplements might relieve some of the symptoms of depression, such as low mood, brain fog and lethargy. A scoop of Reishi Mushroom Powder in your smoothie is an excellent place to start.

Improves sleep

Everyone has a night of tossing and turning, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it affects work, relationships and mood. Take a few drops of Reishi Mushroom Extract after eating and 30-60 minutes before bed to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Supports immune system

Your immune system defends against illness and fights harmful pathogens to prevent you from becoming sick or to help you recover quickly. The better your immune system, the more likely you will bounce back from a cold and the less likely you will catch one in the first place. Regularly take Chaga Mushroom Extract to defend your body against illness naturally.

May prevent cancer

Mushrooms are antioxidants which shield cells against free radicals. Free radicals damage your body, creating oxidative stress, which can sometimes lead to cancer. Chaga mushrooms are potent anti-oxidants to protect your body. 

Boosts your brain

If you’re constantly feeling sluggish, struggling with brain fog, and just can’t remember where you put those car keys (again), try a brain-boosting mushroom supplement. Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract is excellent at improving brain health, and Reishi Tea comes in convenient sachets to replace your afternoon coffee.

Shop Grape Tree’s selection of mushroom supplements to improve your immune system, sleep, focus, mental health and more.

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8 Items