Aroma, meaning ‘scent’, and therapy, meaning ‘remedy,’  is the ancient practice of using fragrance to heal the mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy often uses essential oils but includes any scent that provides a positive emotional response. For example, some scents feel uplifting, whilst others are calming.

We mindfully select high-quality essential oils to incorporate into your aromatherapy practice, from a spa-like treatment to everyday use.

Benefits of using aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is popular for a reason - it has an array of benefits to nurture your health and wellness. Here are a few advantages of incorporating aromatherapy into your lifestyle:

•  Induces sleep
•  Calms skin
•  Balances the nervous system
•  Minimises inflammation
•  Soothes anxiety
•  Reduces symptoms of mild depression
•  Boosts mood
•  Natural pain reliever
•  Enhances blood flow
•  Increases focus
•  Encourages productivity
•  Creates a homely atmosphere
•  Stimulates hair growth
•  Some are anti-bacterial

Nutmeg oil

Grape Tree’s nutmeg oil is a pure and natural essential oil with a warming aroma. Packaged in a convenient spray bottle, it’s ideal for relaxing tight, overworked muscles and calming the nervous system. Mix with carrier oil and apply topically to sore joints. You can also use it on the scalp to encourage hair growth or on your skin to reduce acne. Alternatively, enjoy the nutty, lightly spiced scent for a comforting home.

Easy ways to use essential oils:

Essential oils are extraordinarily versatile. However, ensure you never apply undiluted essential oils directly onto the skin, as they can cause irritation and a burning sensation. Simply mix with a carrier oil, balm or water. If using water shake well before use as oil and water separate. 

Promote sleep - Fill a diffuser with water, then add an essential oil of your choice—place it in the bedroom as a calming scent to promote sleep.

Nurture aches and pains - Mix essential oil with a carrier oil (such as argan oil) or a balm (such as beeswax) and massage into sore joints to ease inflammation.

Use as a scalp treatment - Essential oils stimulate blood flow for improved hair growth. Mix an essential oil with distilled water, shake well and spritz onto your scalp.

Treat acne - Many essential oils are antibacterial, making them an excellent choice for treating acne. Spritz a small amount of diluted essential oil onto clean skin.

Scent your home - Your home is your sanctuary, so make it smell wonderful! Place essential oils into a diffuser or make them into a spray and dispense throughout the house for a warming aroma.

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Grape Tree Nutmeg Oil 30ml
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Grape Tree Nutmeg Oil 30ml

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