Protein Powder

Protein powders are sources of protein crushed into a fine powder. They are often flavoured and rich in amino acids to help build muscle. There are two different types of protein powder: plant-based and dairy-based. Plant-based includes hemp, chia, pumpkin and pea protein. The second type is whey powder, which is a by-product of cheese.

Health benefits of protein powder

• Helps build
• Better muscle recovery
• Enhanced energy
• Balanced hormones
• Improved mood
• Great focus
• High-quality sleep
• Lower fatigue

NutriSport protein powder - NutriSport protein powder contains 95 grams of whey protein in a multitude of delicious flavours. These include strawberry, banana, vanilla, raspberry and chocolate. The formula also has glutamine to enhance your immune system and improve focus and BCAA to boost muscle growth.

Hemp protein powder - Hemp comes from the cannabis plant but does not contain the psychoactive ingredient (THC). It’s exceptionally high in protein, making it the perfect option for plant-based muscle building. It also includes vitamins and minerals, including omega 3 and 6, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Chia seed protein powder - Chia seeds are a superfood bursting with amino acids, iron, fibre, B-12 and omega-3. The seeds are milled into a soft powder to add to shakes, porridge, and baking. Completely dairy-free, it’s ideal if you follow a vegan diet.

Pea protein powder - Peas are incredibly good for you and abundant in natural protein. They are great antioxidants and full of vitamins C and E to fortify your immune system and help build muscle.

Pumpkin protein powder - Pumpkin protein powder is made from crushed pumpkin seeds, giving the powder a sweet, nutty flavour. Include it in your diet for a high dose of amino acids to naturally build and repair muscle. It also gives you a slow-energy release for better moods, hunger regulation and sleep.

Easy ways to consume protein powder

Protein powder is incredibly versatile, making it simple to consume for extra protein. Here are a few easy protein powder ideas:

Make a protein shake - Add a serving of protein powder to water, squash or juice and give it a good mix in a protein shaker. Drink on the way to work or before exercise.

Stir into porridge - Scoop protein powder into oats, seeds, spices and your choice of milk. Heat over the hob until lightly bubbling, then serve topped with nuts and fruits for a filling and tasty breakfast.

Create protein desserts - Chocolate or vanilla protein is an excellent addition to desserts for better health. Make protein brownies, cookies and pancakes for a sweet treat that builds muscle.

Whip up protein energy balls - Stir together protein powder, oats and plant-based milk for quick and tasty energy balls. You can also include seeds and chopped fruit for extra amino acids.

Drink coffee with added protein powder - Love your coffee? Blend protein powder and coffee with milk for a frothy, delicious hot drink.

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