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Sesame Seed

Sesame seeds originate from Indonesia and are extracted from the Sesamum Indicum plant. They are pale yellow to golden brown with a nutty taste. We provide Hulled Sesame Seeds (seeds with the tough husk removed) for versatility and convenience.

These little seeds are fantastic at relieving joint pain, balancing blood sugar, reducing the risk of diabetes and lowering cholesterol. They contain niacin, B6, protein, and folate and are packed with antioxidants.

Nutritional benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are hidden gems when it comes to health benefits. They are categorised as superfoods because of their wealth of nutrients.

Packed with niacin - Niacin, also known as B3, is an incredible anti-inflammatory that increases blood flow. This contributes to a healthy heart because it doesn’t need to work as hard to circulate oxygen and nutrients.

Contains vitamin B6 - B6 plays a critical role in balancing the nervous system, which stabilises hormones throughout your body—for example, releasing dopamine, serotonin and melatonin to feel happy and calm and get a good night’s rest.

Full of protein - You need protein to build almost everything in your body, including hair, skin, muscles, bones and tendons. Our Hulled Sesame Seeds are high in protein, containing 18 grams in every 100 grams.

Rich in folate - Folate is essential for development, and that includes maintaining and growing muscle. It also helps detox your body using a process called methylation, which flushes harmful substances through your liver.

Incredible source of antioxidants - Antioxidants are vital to protect your cells from damage, particularly as you age. Other factors that harm cells are UV rays, pollution, a low nutritional diet, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol. 

Easy ways to eat sesame seeds

You will barely notice adding sesame seeds to your diet while still reaping their incredible rewards. Below are a few of our favourite ways to eat these tiny superpowered seeds:

Bake into bread - Sesame seed bread is deliciously nutritious, so choose or bake a loaf containing the seeds for their B vitamins and antioxidant effects.

Sprinkle onto burger buns - Many burger buns use sesame seeds to give them a light crunch. If you make buns, sprinkle on a few or select bread buns garnished with sesame seeds.

Use as an oil - Sesame seed oil is a popular choice in cooking, particularly stir-fries, enhancing the dish with a light, nutty flavour.

Add to tofu - Tofu cooked with toasted sesame seeds gives the soybean product a delicate crunch to complement tofu’s springy texture.

Include in soups - Whether homemade or from a packet, you can boost your soups with a tablespoon of sesame seeds.

At Grape Tree, we guarantee exceptional quality Hulled Sesame Seeds. Enjoy their nutritional benefits and eat sesame seeds for a healthy and balanced diet.


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