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Linseeds, commonly known as flax seeds, are native to India and the Eastern Mediterranean. They are small almond-shaped seeds, shiny golden-brown in colour with a slight crunch.

They are incredible to include in your diet, aiding digestion and skin health, balancing sugar levels and reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Linseeds are rich in vitamin B12, magnesium, copper, fatty acids and fibre.

Nutritional benefits of linseeds

Linseeds are a small yet powerful seed and fall under the superfood category. This is because they have an endless source of vitamins and minerals. Discover just a handful of their benefits below:

Source of vitamin B1 - Vitamin B1 is also called thiamine or thiamin and is vital in converting food into energy. If your body cannot extract nutrients from your diet efficiently, you may feel constantly tired and sluggish and struggle with a multitude of nutrient deficiencies. So, sprinkle some flaxseeds over your salad.

Contain magnesium - Magnesium enhances sleep quality, and a lack of sleep leads to many health complications, such as heart and mental health problems. Including flaxseeds in your diet is a small way to increase your magnesium levels.

High in copper - Copper boosts your immune system, protecting you against illness, which is anything from the common cold to the flu. Flaxseeds contain a healthy dose of copper and are a great addition to your meals when the weather gets colder.

Rich in fatty acids - You need healthy fats for good blood flow and a strong heart. Flaxseeds are a simple way to get fatty acids, including omega-3, to improve your overall lifestyle.

Great for fibre - Linseeds are a brilliant source of fibre. This is good news if you are prone to stomach issues, including constipation, diarrhoea, stomach cramps or bloating.

Easy ways to eat/use linseeds

Linseeds, or flaxseeds, are highly versatile and simple to throw into meals, bake into puddings or even make into a beauty product. Check out our top ways to use linseeds:

Make linseed tea - Fantastic for gut health, linseed tea will get your digestive system going in the morning. Add a tablespoon or two to boiling water, let it steep and then strain.

Linseed hair gel - If you want to style your hair or give it a deep conditioning treatment, homemade linseed gel is a budget-friendly option. Add a few tablespoons into a small amount of boiling water, then stir over the hob until the mixture appears frothy. Strain and use as a hair or skincare product.

Pop into your breakfast - Linseeds are incredibly easy to include at breakfast time. Drop a teaspoon into your cereal, porridge or smoothie.

At Grape Tree, we pride ourselves in carefully curating a range of linseeds and linseed products. Try brown, golden, milled and cracked linseeds or have them in our omega mix.


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