Whether you love experimenting with baking, adding a little honey to your tea or drizzling syrup over pancakes, we have the sweetener for you. Browse our selection of high-quality sweeteners to find what you need.

Natural sugar replacements

You might want to move away from refined sugar but still crave that ‘ahh’ feeling from a hot, sweet cup of tea or coffee. If that’s the case, try our natural sweeteners. 

Triple Zero Stevia Sweetener has zero calories (that’s right, zero) and comes from the leaves of the Stevia plant. It’s twice as sweet as regular sugar, so try a small amount before adding more. 

Total Sweet Xylitol is another option that looks and feels exactly like sugar. However, it’s made from beech and birch wood, has 40% fewer calories than standard sugar and is a fantastic option for healthy weight loss.


Sometimes, baking calls for more than standard granulated or caster sugar. Our Light Muscovado Sugar has a soft, fluffy texture with a hint of caramel, perfect for baking. The Dark Muscovado Sugar has liquorice undertones and works well in chutneys, sauces and dark chocolate cake.

Alternatively, you can experiment with Grape Tree Coconut Sugar, made from unprocessed coconut blossom nectar. It’s terrific for coconut pancakes, coconut protein balls or mouth-watering, lightweight coconut cake.


All of our syrups at Grape Tree are organic and made from high-quality ingredients for a delectable taste. 

Biona Organic Rice Syrup is created with natural rice sugars and makes a great addition to coffee as a sugar replacement. There’s also the classic Pure Organic Maple Syrup. Made in Canada, its heavenly sweetness tastes incredible with waffles or French toast. 

Lastly, you can try Organic Agave Syrup, which is light in colour and flavour, with a slightly runnier texture than honey or maple syrup. It stirs well into oat porridge or herbal teas. 


Manuka honey comes from a specific part of New Zealand and has rare health properties. The benefits of Manuka honey come from a component called MGO (methylglyoxal). We stock different strengths of MGO, including 100, 200 and 300+MGO Manuka honey. It’s sumptuous, sweet, and a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.


Blackstrap Molasses are the natural by-product of refining sugar and has the concentrated benefits of bone and heart health, antioxidants and balancing blood sugar. It’s not as sweet as refined sugar, tasting closer to chicory or coffee, and has a similar consistency to black treacle.

Meridian Organic Blackstrap Molasses is deliciously thick and suitable for vegetarians. Add it to baking, use it in marinades or give savoury dishes a hint of decadent sweetness.

Add a little sweetness with Grape Tree

Whatever type of sweetener you need, we hope you can find the right one with Grape Tree. Browse our stock of organic sweeteners today.

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