Omega Seed

Omega seeds are a super blend of seeds rich in omega fatty acids. Fatty acids are vital for a healthy functioning body, and incorporating them into your diet will enhance your lifestyle. 

There are 11 types of omega fatty acids. You may have heard the most about omega 3, 6 and 9. We offer a beautiful blend of seeds that contain these omegas for a nutrition boost.

Our Omega Mix with Chia and Goji contains sunflower seeds, brown linseed, golden linseed, pumpkin seed and chia seeds for a health kick, with goji berries for a fruity punch. We also provide omega seeds without goji berries for versatility.

Omega seeds are excellent anti-inflammatories, great for your mental health, improving bones and joints and skin health.

Nutritional benefits of omega seeds

Not many people know the incredible health secrets of omega seeds and why they take nutrition from good to great. Read below about the fantastic qualities of omega seeds.

Great anti-inflammatory - Omega is an incredible anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and irritation in cells. Aggravation in the body is often caused by pollution, a high salt or sugar diet, lack of movement and UV rays. Omega seeds protect you from these elements, improving blood flow and soothing inflammation.

Improves mental health - Some evidence suggests that omega seeds may reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. This is because omega increases the release of the happy hormone dopamine. They are also a part of a healthy, balanced diet, which can improve overall mental well-being.

Helps bones and joints - There is a link between omega fatty acids and bone strength, as they could enhance calcium production. Omegas are also great anti-inflammatories, which is excellent news if you struggle with joint pain.

Benefits skin health - The anti-inflammatory response in omegas can help calm acne. They also balance oil production for a glowing, rather than shiny, complexion.

Easy ways to eat omega seeds

Omega seeds are incredibly easy to add to your diet with little effort. Simply include them in dishes you already eat. Here are our top ways to consume omega seeds:

Sprinkle on salads and breakfasts - Garnish your food with a mix of seeds if you’re making a salad for lunch or starting the day with porridge, yoghurt or granola.

Include in your baking - Many recipes use chia, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for a delicious crunch. So, add some of our omega seeds to boost your baking.

Add to a trail mix - A simple way to get your omegas is by combining our seeds in a trail mix.

Enhance your homemade protein balls - A delicious blend of omega seeds in your protein balls will increase their health benefits and taste.

Pop into shakes and smoothies - If you’ve got a green smoothie but are missing your omegas, then a tablespoon of omega seeds is your answer.

Adding omega seeds into your nutritional routine couldn’t be easier with our range of super wellness seeds. Enhance your health and try our omega seed mix today.

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