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Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds originate from North America, have a tear-drop shape and are bluey, green or brown in colour. They are a beautiful, smooth seed with a mild, earthy flavour. However, they don’t have a strong taste, making them ideal to add to savoury or sweet dishes.

We have mindfully selected and packed organic pumpkin seeds from Europe and China so you can choose your favourites. If you want to supercharge these seeds, why not try them in our salad sprinkle, natural or omega seed mix?

Nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are classed as a superfood because of their range of nutritional benefits. Below are just a few of their powerful attributes:

High in omega-3 - Pumpkin seeds are a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help heart health, liver function, skin and sleep quality.

Great anti-oxidant - Over time, the body struggles with oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which harm cells and can cause cancer. Pumpkin seeds are powerful antioxidants, protecting cells against damage.

Source of iron - Iron is vital for energy, but many people find it challenging to consume enough. So, if you need an iron increase, add a handful of pumpkin seeds to your diet.

Contain magnesium - Magnesium is essential for high-quality sleep because it helps the body release the sleep hormone melatonin.

Rich in zinc - Zinc is crucial for supporting your immune system, which is highly beneficial over the cold winter months. The mineral also aids enzymes in your body to function efficiently.

Easy ways to eat pumpkin seeds

Like any seed, pumpkin seeds are incredibly versatile, making them straightforward to add to your diet. Check out our top ways to eat pumpkin seeds:

Make pumpkin seed muffins - Muffins taste delicious with a crunch, which is why adding these seeds to your baking will elevate the texture of sweet treats.

Add to bread - Pumpkin seed bread is a huge hit, especially over autumn. The balance of soft bread with these omega-rich seeds enhances the quality of any loaf.

Include in a trail mix - If you love a trail mix, popping in some pumpkin seeds will give it a tasty super boost.

Eat raw - Pumpkin seeds have a mild earthy taste, making them perfect for a healthy snack. You can also add a dash of salt and pepper for extra flavour.

Sprinkle onto your porridge - Plain porridge can get a little boring, but with a dusting of cinnamon and a garnish of pumpkin seeds, you can transform your breakfast.

Including pumpkin seeds in your diet could not be easier with our top tips. Enjoy their nutritional benefits, and check out our pumpkin seeds on their own or in a delicious seed mix.

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