60% of your body is water, making it integral to health and happiness - yet so many people fall short of drinking enough. 

What happens when you don’t hydrate your body?

When you don’t drink enough water, your bowel movements slow, you can have difficulty sleeping, and your skin may break out. Your mood can also take a nosedive, and it may lead to increased symptoms of anxiety and depression. You’ll also feel exhausted all the time and find it difficult to focus.

You may also experience dizziness and even faint, especially on hot days or after exercise. And, in extreme cases a lack of water can lead to organ failure.

Benefits of water

You know what happens when you don’t drink enough water, but what are the benefits of being hydrated 24/7?

• Lifts your mood 
• Helps brain function
• Encourages a better sleep
• Increases your energy
• Contributes to a healthy weight
• Detoxes your body
• May improve skin health


Tarka Springs Still Water

Tap water isn’t everyone’s favourite, which is why Tarka has captured the springs of Devon in a bottle. The beautiful, refreshing water is filtered naturally, pure and untouched by chemicals. It also contains nature’s mineral benefits of calcium and magnesium.

Tarka Springs Sparkling Water

If you fancy a little fizz to your drink, Tark’s Sparkling Spring Water should be your go-to. Filtered underground by the springs of Devon, it retains its health-enhancing minerals. It’s then carbonated and bottled up for your pleasure.

How to boost your water intake:

Keep water near you at all times - Whether it’s putting away laundry or sitting at a desk, you may suddenly think, ‘I’m thirsty. I’ll just do this, then get some water.’ Only ‘this’ turns into another thirty minutes before something else steals your attention. Avoid the classic dehydration mistake and keep a large glass of water with you at all times.

Take water out with you - If you’re going for a walk in the countryside or out for a full day of shopping, take a bottle of water with you. Make sure you sip on the go to maintain your energy and feel your best.

Drink herbal tea - Drinking cold water isn’t always what you want on a winter’s day. So, experiment with herbal tea to ensure you’re still drinking enough.

Cut back on coffee and breakfast tea - Although coffee and breakfast tea are hydrating, they also rapidly dehydrate you by flushing out your system. Cut back on these caffeinated beverages, or make sure you replenish your water afterwards.

Track your water intake - You need 2.5 litres of water a day, so keep track to make sure you’re drinking enough. You can use apps to help you remember or fill up a bottle that holds your daily water intake.


Ideas to add to your water:

Wedges of lemon
A splash of super juice
Experiment with fresh fruit
Infuse with herbs
Try flavoured ice cubes
A dash of aloe vera juice or rose nectar

Hydrate your body with Grape Tree

It’s easy to hydrate your body with naturally sourced spring water. Feel on top of the Devon hills with Grape Tree.


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Tarka Springs Sparkling Water 500ml
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Tarka Springs Still Water 500ml
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Tarka Springs Still Water 500ml

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