The majority of food found in supermarkets is heavily processed and sprayed with toxic chemicals, leaving foods with little nutritional value and a bland taste. Beauty and wellness products are also subject to the same fate, making them less effective and overloading your body with toxins. 

An organic lifestyle is when you choose foods and items that are less processed or left in their original, unrefined state. They contain ingredients that don’t have manmade pesticides, fertilisers, GMOs or additives. Instead, they are grown using natural, organic matter.

Benefits of an organic lifestyle

Choosing organic products has many advantages for your health and wellness.

• Environmentally friendly

• Toxin-free

• Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals

• Decreases the risk of heart diseases

• Lowers the chance of type 2 diabetes

• Increases fibre intake

• Nurtures gut health

• Promotes hair growth

• Benefits the skin

• Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

• Lifts your mood

• Boosts energy

• Enhances sleep quality


FAQs about an organic lifestyle

If you want to explore an organic lifestyle, check out some frequently asked questions below.

How do I start living an organic lifestyle?

If you want to start living an organic lifestyle, gradually replace one category at a time—for example, vegetables, fruit or meat, followed by beauty products. Make sure you look for produce that’s labelled as organic. You can also grow your food or make products at home using organic ingredients.

Is organic the same as vegan?

No, organic is not the same as vegan. A vegan diet does not consume or use animal products, including meat, dairy, gelatin, honey or leather. You can still have these things when following an organic lifestyle - just ensure they are organically certified.

Is 100% natural the same as organic?

No, natural and organic are different. Natural foods don’t contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. However, organic produce doesn’t use synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. Ultimately, natural items can still contain manmade pesticides. 

Is organic 100% pesticide free?

Organic does not mean pesticide-free, but that pesticides are made with organic matter instead of synthetic materials. Organic pesticides also leave less residue, lowering the risk of gut issues.

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