Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, meaning you need it for almost everything. Its primary function is to give cells elasticity and strength. From around the age of 25, collagen production decreases, so taking a collagen supplement is an excellent way to replenish the loss. We provide collagen supplements in capsules, powders and liquid form.

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What happens when you don’t have enough collagen

• Digestive issues

• Poor blood flow

• Premature ageing

• Brittle bones

• Aching joints

• Skin problems (e.g. eczema)

• Weak muscles

• Hair loss

• Acne

• Heart problems

Health benefits of collagen

Collagen is something your body will always need. You can get collagen through fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs. However, it’s crucial to supplement to reach and maintain optimal health and vitality.

Stronger bones and joints

Collagen gives bones and tendons strength and elasticity. This helps joints stretch and maintain their shape. As collagen decreases, the area becomes weak and can cause pain and brittle bones. So, take a supplement to maintain healthy bones and joints.

Enhanced heart health

Collagen supports the structure of arteries by giving the walls elasticity and strength, allowing blood to circulate easily. This reduces strain on your heart and enhances cardiovascular health. 

Glowing and youthful skin

Collagen gives your skin structure by keeping the cells taught and firm. Without enough collagen, the cells lose their shape, causing skin to sag or sink, which appears as fine lines and wrinkles. The lack of collagen also weakens the derma barrier, allowing moisture to escape, which creates dryness and acne.

Collagen supplements can give your body the extra boost it needs to maintain skin cell shape for firmer skin that’s hydrated and smooth.

Supports the gut

Foods high in unhealthy fats and sugar can damage the gut lining, causing inflammation and preventing it from efficiently absorbing nutrients. Collagen supplements restore the gut barrier for smooth digestion and increased gut health.

Strong and shiny hair

Collagen supports healthy hair growth by encouraging blood flow to the scalp. This gives your hair follicles the oxygen and nutrients they need to flourish. It also promotes cell turnover for fast growth and knits together the structure of your strands to seal in moisture and shine.

We provide only the best collagen supplements

Our range of collagen supplements includes capsules, powder and liquid forms to increase your natural collagen levels. Browse our premium range today for enhanced collagen production.


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