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Berries are an incredible superfood and a must in everyone’s diet. They are small but powerful and are bursting with vitamins and nutrients. 

Berries contribute to healthy blood flow, radiant skin, enhanced digestion, improved brain function and cancer prevention. They are also a fantastic source of antioxidants, fibre, vitamins C and K and prebiotics.

We pride ourselves on our range of high-quality berries, including:

• Dried cranberries
• Dried blueberries
• Dried sour cherries
• Goji berries
• Freeze-dried raspberries
• Freeze-dried strawberries
• Berry blends

Nutritional benefits of berries

Any nutritionist would encourage including berries in your diet for a thriving lifestyle. Just a handful a day will provide you with various health advantages, many of which you can find below.

Bursting with antioxidants - Berries are one of the highest sources of antioxidants. They shield your cells from damage caused by UV rays, pollution, age, smoking and drinking. Of course, that doesn’t mean a handful of berries will counteract three bottles of wine. But they protect you from unavoidable free radicals to maintain bouncy skin, good blood circulation and strong bones.

Source of fibre - If you want to increase your fibre intake, add berries to your daily nutrition. Fibre binds stools and provides your intestines with slip to detoxify and eliminate waste effectively.

High in vitamin C - Getting enough vitamin C is vital. Your body needs it for collagen, which gives your tendons, tissue, muscle, bones, hair and skin strength and elasticity. It also defends against free radicals and enhances your immune system.

Great prebiotic - Prebiotics are food sources for probiotics - healthy bacteria that aid digestion. Berries provide your stomach with various prebiotics to effectively absorb nutrients and minerals through your gut.

Contain vitamin K - Vitamin K is one of the lesser-known vitamins, but it is crucial for strong bones and a well-functioning liver, kidneys and heart.

Easy ways to eat berries

Berries require little to no prep, making them easy to add to recipes or eat as a healthy, nutrient-dense snack. Here are just a few ways to eat berries:

Add to a trail mix - Dried berries are an amazing addition to trail mixes because of their sweet and sour taste and soft yet chewy texture. Shake them into a blend of omega-3 bursting nuts like almonds and walnuts for an incredible health boost.

Eat raw - Switching a bar of chocolate for a packet of dried berries is a wonderful way to get antioxidants and vitamin C.

Garnish your breakfast - Porridge, cereal, and granola can taste plain without toppings. Sprinkle over a berry blend for added flavour and health benefits. 

Whiz into smoothies - Berry smoothies are delicious, so why not blend fresh banana and spinach with our freeze-dried raspberries? The perfect pick-me-up.

Mix into your baking - Dried berries are a baking classic. Make sour cherry dark chocolate brownies or add dried cranberries to white chocolate cookies.

Berries are essential for energy, glowing skin, great sleep and healthy vital organs. Try our range today and enhance your wellness lifestyle.

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