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Personal Care & Beauty

Everywhere you look, the shelves are lined with beauty products. Growth-enhancing shampoos, luxury conditioners, scented soaps - but how many contain harmful chemicals? Toxic beauty is everywhere you look, but at Grape Tree, we strive to select eco-friendly, clean personal care and beauty.

Each brand is chosen with you in mind. We ensure you receive the care and attention you need without the expense of your pocket or the environment.

Explore our range of beauty and body care

We have mindfully selected the highest quality beauty and body care products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Using natural butters, oils and plant-derived scents, we know you’ll find something you love.

Bodycare - Unwind muscles with restorative gels infused with essential oils, smooth aloe vera onto your lips or dissolve magnesium flakes into a warm bath. The choice is yours with our premium selection of beauty body care.

Shampoo - If you’re tired of an itchy scalp and brittle hair, try a natural and organic shampoo. Faith In Nature’s bottle of planet-friendly shampoo contains 99% biodegradable ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re washing down the plug hole.

Conditioner - Browse our deluxe range of conditioners at an affordable price without compromising quality. The Faith In Nature collection includes Lemon And Tea Tree, Blueberry, and Hemp And Meadowfoam. Relax in nature with their nourishing ingredients and cruelty-free formulas.

Handwash - Keeping your palms clean and germ-free is essential, which makes hand sanitiser a necessity. But it’s hard to find one that doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Our Antibacterial Hand Gel is budget-friendly, non-sticky and kills 99% of bacteria.

Soap bars - All too often, soap can dry out your skin. You may feel frustrated with constant redness, cracked skin and eczema. Instead of purchasing irritating hand products, why not invest in body care with a Faith in Nature soap? The handy bars in Tea Tree or Coconut are ideal for sensitivity.  Explore our skin-friendly soaps for happy and clean hands.

Benefits of clean beauty and personal care

All too often, people leave beauty and personal care as an afterthought. But investing in good-quality products will enrich your way of life. After all, we all need to clean ourselves. So, you might as well do it with planet-friendly brands. Discover the benefits of eco beauty and personal care:

• Uses natural ingredients
• Plant friendly
• Cruelty-free and animal-friendly
• Enhances quality of sleep
• Boosts self-esteem and confidence
• Therapeutic and relaxing
• Ideal for sensitive skin
• Eliminates toxins
• Enriched with organic butters and oils
• Natural remedies
• Indulgent without breaking the bank
• Green and sustainable

Whether you’re in need of a shampoo for sensitive scalps or a soap that’s toxin-free, we’re sure there’s something for you. Browse our premium selection of personal care and beauty today.

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