Oatmeal, commonly known as porridge oats, is a cereal grain from the grass family. It makes a deliciously creamy breakfast bountiful in vitamins and minerals. Oatmeal doesn’t have a strong flavour, making it the perfect ingredient to combine with many other flavours.

Mornflake’s Medium Oatmeal is 100% wholegrain, ideal for upping fibre intake and whipping up a quick breakfast. We also have Steel Cut Oatmeal Coarse, which is less processed and better for blood sugar but has a longer cooking time.

Nutritional benefits of oatmeal

Oatmeal is a healthy starting place if you want to switch your sugary cereal for something better for your heart, gut, focus and muscles. Find out the top nutritional benefits of oatmeal:

Contains manganese

Oatmeal contains manganese, a wonderful anti-inflammatory that regulates blood clotting for faster wound healing. The mineral also generates anti-oxidants to protect the body against free radicals triggered by UV rays, ageing and pollution.

High in phosphorus

Phosphorus is another mineral that the body requires to build tissue and muscle. So, eating oatmeal regularly will help you get in shape and stay strong.

Source of vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is also called thiamine or thiamin and is vital in converting food into energy. If your body cannot extract nutrients from your diet efficiently, you may feel constantly tired and sluggish and struggle with a multitude of nutrient deficiencies. A healthy portion of oatmeal will help increase your energy for a better day.

High in copper

Copper boosts your immune system, protecting you against illness, anything from the common cold to the flu. Oatmeal is rich in copper, which makes it a fantastic breakfast choice when the weather gets colder (not to mention it’s a warming winter comfort food).

Source of iron

It is common knowledge that dark leafy greens contain iron, but did you know oatmeal is also a great option? Iron helps transport oxygen around the blood, travelling to your essential organs and increasing energy levels. 

Easy ideas to eat oatmeal

There’s no limit to how you can eat oatmeal, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a warming snack. Simply heat your oatmeal over the hob with the milk of your choice and check out our oatmeal flavour inspirations:

Jam and fruit - Strawberries and strawberry jam, raspberries and raspberry jam, apricot and apricot jam - you get the picture. Stir jam into your warm porridge and sprinkle your favourite fresh or dried fruit on top.

Greek yoghurt and honey - A scoop of Greek yoghurt gives oatmeal a creamy texture and adds protein and probiotics. Drizzle with honey for a natural sweetener.

Cinnamon oatmeal - Half a teaspoon of cinnamon with a pinch of ginger and nutmeg makes the perfect autumn oatmeal. Go the extra mile and fry apples or plums in cinnamon, then pop on top.

Nuts and seeds - You can add nuts and seeds into oatmeal as you make it or use them to garnish your oatmeal. For added amino acids, try the superfoods chia seeds, linseeds, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds.

Chocolate protein oatmeal - If you’re a chocolate fiend and want to achieve your daily protein intake, stir in a scoop of chocolate protein powder. Whisk well to disperse the lumps, and add your favourite topping.

Pick up your deliciously creamy oatmeal today and enjoy breakfast with fibre, protein, amino acids, and essential vitamins.


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