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Summer has faded, and autumn is here. It’s a beautiful season full of cosy days inside, swirling leaves and wholesome walks in the park. But as the air gets cooler, coughs and colds run rampant. That is why it is the perfect time to fortify your immune system - and quickly.

In the following article, we will give you some top Grape Tree tips on how to care for your body during the cold seasons. Keep reading for immune system booster foods and disease-defense vitamins. Let’s dive in.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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A weakened immune system causes runny noses, coughs and sneezes. This can leave you feeling drained as your body fights invasive bacteria. The next section covers the best immunity spices, what foods boost your immune system and vitamins for illness protection

Spices for the Immune System

Immune-boosting spices are a wonderful way to give your body the compounds to attack pathogens (harmful bacteria). Here are the best super spices to get started:


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Ginger root has golden yellow flesh and tastes earthy with a spicy punch. When pathogens invade, cells become inflamed, and you experience nausea, headaches and a fever. Ginger contains a bioactive compound called gingerol, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The anti-inflammation soothes your body, reducing cold-like symptoms.

Because ginger is an anti-oxidant, it also protects your body before you catch anything. This is because anti-oxidants increase the production of antibodies to fight infection. See our immune-boosting ginger below:

  • Sliced ginger - Our dried ginger slices are perfect for storing in your cupboard and making into tea or adding to meals.
  • Candied ginger - Deliciously preserved candied ginger is a great snack to enhance immunity.
  • Ground ginger - Powered ginger is easy to pop into curries, porridge and making ginger-flavoured desserts.


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Nutmeg is a spice you grate for its immune-supporting properties. It is an incredible antibacterial and, therefore, ideal for combatting infection. Try some of our nutmeg products:

  • Whole nutmeg - Grape Tree’s whole nutmegs are fantastic for grating into foods or warm drinks, like coffee or lattes.
  • Ground nutmeg - Pre-ground nutmeg is excellent if you’re short on time and want to sprinkle it into porridge or a savoury dish.
  • Nutmeg grater - If you would like to try whole nutmeg, grab our nutmeg grater to add the spice easily


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Turmeric root is a bright orange spice you can get fresh, dried, powdered or in capsules. It contains curcumin, which stimulates cells that attack and kill harmful viruses. Combining turmeric with black pepper helps your body absorb curcumin, so consume them together for maximum effect. Check out our turmeric produce:

  • Ground turmeric - Add turmeric to curries for a spicy, immune-enhancing ingredient. It’s also great for making dishes bright and colourful.
  • Grape Tree Turmeric With Black Pepper - Capsules are a great way to get the spice into your diet. Our turmeric supplements contain black pepper for fantastic absorption.

Fermented Foods for the Immune System

Fermented Foods

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Fermented foods, also known as probiotics, are necessary to balance your microbiome (bacteria in your gut). The microbiome needs probiotics as food for your body to absorb nutrients and fight harmful bacteria that enter the stomach. Here is our best-fermented produce:

  • Organic Natural Tempeh - Tempeh is made of soybeans, dense in protein and contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals for immunity. Read more about the benefits of tempeh.
  • Organic Sauerkraut - Sauerkraut is pickled, fermented cabbage rich in healthy bacteria to feed your gut.
  • Organic Kimchi - Kimchi is similar to sauerkraut but contains a range of pickled and fermented vegetables. Add some to your salad to boost your immune system.
  • Miso Soup Paste - Miso paste is fermented beans used in soups for its gut health advantages.
  • Kombucha - Kombucha is a delicious drink made from fermented tea with added flavours, such as raspberry, ginger or mango.

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Take Vitamins for the Immune System

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Getting enough vitamins from your food can be tricky. So, giving your body a helping hand is never a bad idea. One way to ensure you have everything for a thriving immune system is to take vitamins. Below are our favourites for a healthy body:

  • Zinc With Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for well-being. It helps cells kill pathogens and supercharges your immune system. Zinc has a similar role and pairs well with vitamin C to increase absorption.
  • Grape Tree Vitamin D3 4000iu - Vitamin D is critical for a strong immune system because it produces antiviral cells to protect against colds and diseases. We have made our vitamin D maximum strength to ensure you have enough.
  • Turmeric And Ginger - Not everyone likes the taste of turmeric and ginger. So, taking them as a capsule is a simple way to get their immune wellness benefits.
  • Multivitamin - If you are not a fan of consuming numerous vitamins or don’t know where to start, try a multivitamin. They fill in the gaps of most vitamin and mineral deficiencies (bear in mind they are not a dietary replacement).

Drink Immune-Boosting Teas

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Teas are an effortless way to provide your body with vitamins to bolster your immunity and defend against illness.

  • Korean Ginseng - Ginseng is a potent anti-inflammatory that calms swelling, cramps and nausea. It is also a fantastic energy booster when a cold leaves you feeling drained.
  • Hibiscus Tea - Hibiscus has bright pink petals, which give tea a beautiful deep red shade. It contains iron, an essential mineral that quickly reacts to disease.
  • Green Matcha - Matcha is an incredible anti-oxidant and protects your cells against attack, helping you make a speedy recovery.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

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We couldn’t end this article without telling you how important it is to hydrate for a functioning immune system. The body is around 60% water, so you cannot stay healthy without it. Why not try still, sparkling or coconut water?

Get Your Best Immune System With Grape Tree

You can enjoy the autumn weather without picking up coughs and colds. Know how to boost your immune system quickly using the best spices, foods and vitamins. Superpower your body with Grape Tree and stay happy and healthy this season.

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