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There’s no doubt that kombucha is a rising trend, but is it good for you? If you’re interested in the health drink, then read on. This article goes over the benefits of drinking kombucha and some frequently asked kombucha questions.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is made from fermented black or green tea (although black is most common). Over 7-14 days, live cultures develop, known as SCOBY. Sweetener and flavours are then added to the mixture. The texture is fizzy, like sparking water, and it comes in cans or bottles.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Kombucha?

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There are many reasons to add kombucha to your wellness diet, but not many people know what they are. We want to ensure you’re in the loop. So, keep reading for a rundown of the amazing health benefits of drinking kombucha.

Great Probiotic for Gut Health

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Your gut has an ecosystem of bacteria called a microbiome, which helps balance your digestion. Microbiomes need food, known as probiotics, to keep them healthy. Probiotics are live cultures that develop from fermented foods.

Because kombucha is made from fermented tea, it’s an incredible source of probiotics. It helps settle stomach problems, such as cramps and bloating. If you struggle with indigestion or regular gut issues, adding a probiotic like kombucha could benefit you.

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Reduces Inflammation in Your Body

Kombucha is an anti-inflammatory, so it protects your cells against irritation, such as pollution and UV rays. The soothing effect on your body generates wellness benefits, such as:

  • Hair growth - Blood reaches the scalp more easily, carrying oxygen and nutrients to stimulate the hair follicle and increase hair growth.
  • Glowing skin - Inflammation can cause acne and redness, reduce cell turnover and dry out skin. The benefits of drinking kombucha help lessen these problems for healthy skin.
  • More energy - Kombucha stimulates blood flow so oxygen quickly reaches your essential organs, which enhances energy.
  • Better sleep - Anti-inflammatories balance your sleep hormones. This allows your body to produce a healthy amount for you to feel tired and have a good night’s sleep.

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Boosts Collagen Production

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Collagen is a protein your body needs to build everything from your eyes and muscles to your hair and skin. 

When you don’t have enough collagen, your tendons have less flexibility, leading to aches and pains. Skin loses bounce, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, and your hair becomes weaker.

However, kombucha is rich in vitamins, and one of those is vitamin C. Vitamin C is integral in collagen production because it binds collagen molecules together. This helps them become strong and stable, improving firmness and elasticity.

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Better Immune System

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Your immune system fights off disease and helps recovery after an illness. You may pick up lots of coughs and colds without a good immune system.

Kombucha is bursting with healthy bacteria that help your white blood cells remain strong. This makes them more effective at fighting harmful bacteria that could make you sick.

Perfect Swap for Soda

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It’s not always the taste of soda you crave but the fizziness. So, if you’re a fiend for Coca-Cola, lemonade or any other fizzy drink, then kombucha could be the perfect replacement.

Swapping out soda for kombucha gives you fizz and flavour but with much less sugar and far more health benefits! Why not have it as a Friday night treat? You can also switch it out for alcohol for a relaxing drink without the morning grogginess.


Kombucha is relatively new to the Western world. That’s why we’re covering some frequently asked questions so you can decide if kombucha’s for you.

What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

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It depends on what flavour kombucha you are drinking, but they all have a light, sweet and sour fizzy taste. However, the primary taste is whatever flavour you choose, and there are so many! Keep reading for our best-selling kombucha flavours

What Flavours of Kombucha Are There?

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There are multiple kombucha flavours, so choose one that matches your tastebuds. We provide 250ml cans or 700ml bottles so you can select the best option for you. Check out these wonderful kombucha flavours:

  • Wild Berry - Feel at peace with the beautiful flavours of blueberries, strawberries, blackberry and lemon juice.
  • Mango and Passion - There’s nothing better than natural mango and passion fruit. This kombucha flavour is like a Solero in a bottle (without the excess sugar).
  • Ginger and Lemon - If you like flavours that pack a punch, then ginger and lemon are for you. This spicy-sweet taste gives you a refreshing health kick.
  • Raspberry Lemonade - Why not swap artificially sweetened lemonade for a deliciously raspberry-flavoured kombucha? Guaranteed to please your taste buds.

Can You Drink Kombucha Daily?

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Yes. Drinking kombucha daily feeds your gut with healthy probiotics, reduces inflammation, and boosts collagen. However, it contains natural sugars, so limit your consumption to about 250ml daily. We have perfect-size 250ml kombucha cans or larger kombucha bottles to keep you topped up.

Can You Drink Kombucha After a Meal?

Drinking kombucha after a meal is the ideal way to get your sweet fix. However, you can also drink it before a meal or any other time of the day.

Does Kombucha Keep You Up at Night?

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Kombucha contains caffeine, so you might be worried about drinking kombucha in the evening. But the truth is kombucha has such a small amount of caffeine it won’t affect your sleep.

Kombucha is also made from tea and doesn’t have the potency of coffee. So, it won’t affect your sleep cycle but instead allows you to unwind in the evening.

Try Our Range of Kombucha’s

If you’ve never tasted kombucha's fizzy flavours, we suggest you try them. Not only is kombucha delicious, but it has impressive health benefits, making it the perfect drink to boost your wellness. Try our range of flavours and see which one you like best!

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