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5 Incredible health benefits of tempeh

If you’ve heard of tempeh and want to try it, you’re not alone. The health benefits of tempeh have taken over the Western world, and for good reason. But what is tempeh? Is it really that good for you, and if so, how? 

If you want to learn more about tempeh, then read on. We’ll tell you what it is and its incredible health benefits for your body.

What is Tempeh made of?

Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans. It originates from Indonesia and is 100% plant-based and vegan.

It comes in blocks or slices. Packed with protein with a crumbly but firm texture, tempeh can be sliced and added to recipes or eaten raw. It has an earthy, nutty taste and is the perfect addition to any meal. You can use tempeh as a meat replacement or simply to reap the rewards of its nutrition.

What's the difference between Tempeh and Tofu?

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Tempeh is made from the entire soybean and left to ferment for a few days. Tofu is also made from soy but uses soy milk that is pressed to make it into a block. This means tofu is smoother than the bubbly bean-like texture of tempeh. It’s also softer and more crumbly than tempeh, which has a bite to it.

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What are the Health Benefits of Tempeh?

Now that you know a little about what tempeh is made of, let’s get into why you’re really here. To learn the incredible health benefits of tempeh!

Great for Gut Health

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No one took much notice of gut health until recent years when scientists discovered that gut health plays a crucial role in your body. 

Your gut is known as the second brain. This means your brain and gut are constantly communicating with each other. Therefore, when one is off balance, so is the other, making it essential to look after your digestive system.

How Tempeh helps gut health

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The gut is filled with microbiome - bacteria that break down food and absorb nutrients. When your microbiome is unhappy, you may experience bloating, excess gas, diarrhoea, constipation and cramps. 

Microbiomes grow using prebiotics, which are easy to get in a balanced diet. For example, bananas are rich in prebiotics. But they also need something to feed off, known as probiotics.

Probiotics give your microbiome the food to remain healthy and balanced, which is crucial for a well-functioning body. Your bacteria get these probiotics from fermented foods.

Tempeh is an incredible probiotic because it’s been through the fermentation process. Therefore, it feeds your gut with healthy bacteria to balance your microbiome and improve the gut-brain connection.

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High In Protein

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Protein provides the body with amino acids. And amino acids are the building blocks for many bodily functions, including collagen synthesis. Collagen gives the fibres and cells in your body strength and elasticity. This helps you have firmer skin, healthy hair and strong tendons around your joints.

Does Tempeh have protein?

Yes! Tempeh is 100% plant-based and makes an incredible meat-free option for protein. It will give you the collagen you need for a strong and healthy body. Plus, it has the benefits of being environmentally friendly and reducing your meat consumption.

Reduces Inflammation 

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Inflammation is when the body becomes irritated. Your skin may feel itchy or break out in acne. Your bones could ache, or you struggle with bloating. Inflammation also means inflamed blood vessel walls. This restricts blood flow and makes the heart work harder to pump nutrients and oxygen.

The health benefits of tempeh are vital for reducing inflammation. Tempeh is an incredible antioxidant that protects you against things that attack and aggregate your body. When you consume tempeh, you minimise inflammation and increase your blood flow.

Rich in Fibre

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As little as 9% of people in the UK may be getting enough fibre. That’s shocking, considering fibre is crucial for a healthy body. 

One of the critical things fibre does is strengthen your gut lining and coat your stomach barrier and intestines. It also binds your stools to increase their weight. Both of these things make stools easier to pass. If you struggle with irregular bowel movements or stools, you may not have enough fibre in your diet.

Because tempeh uses the whole soybean, tempeh fibre content is high. So, adding some to your nutrition will make for a healthier and happier you.

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Lowers Stress

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When you become stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol, which triggers the nervous system into fight or flight mode. This increases your heart rate and restricts blood vessels. You may find it hard to relax, experience anxiety and have trouble sleeping.

Cortisol also suppresses your happy and sleep hormones, known as serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin gives you a content and generally happy feeling, while melatonin makes you tired and sleepy. Without these hormones, you will become irritable and struggle to fall or stay asleep.

The health benefits of tempeh are that it balances your nervous system to reduce cortisol levels. This allows receptors to receive serotonin and melatonin, improving your physical and mental well-being.

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How to eat Tempeh

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There are many delicious tempeh recipes, and you can exchange meat for tempeh. Here are some great ways to eat tempeh:

  • Swap meat for tempeh in stir-fries - Chuck tempeh into your frying pan to warm it up for extra protein.

  • Use in a sandwich to get fibre and protein - Some sandwiches lack nutrients, so swap out the ham for slices of tempeh.

  • Add to miso soup for a super-powered probiotic meal - Miso soup is warming and healthy and commonly uses tempeh to make it more filling.

  • Create a vegan tempeh burger - If you want a vegan option, choose tempeh instead of beef for your burger.

  • Marinate to give it a beautiful flavour - Marinate tempeh with spices overnight to give it a different taste.

  • If you’re brave, eat it raw as a snack! - You can eat tempeh straight from the packet, although it’s not for the faint-hearted.

What are the Tempeh side effects?

Avoid tempeh if you have a soy allergy because it may irritate your stomach. If you’ve never had soy or tempeh, try a small amount. Then, slowly build it up to ensure it agrees with your body.

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