Meet Your Immune System Bodyguards

Photo by paul wence from Pexels

Meet your immune system bodyguards

Our bodies are able to detect and protect against illness and disease, but there are simple changes we can make to boost our chances of remaining well. Starting with what we eat is essential. Here is a quick guide to the bodyguard foods packed with the nutrients vital for our immune system:


Just a handful of pistachios will deliver 25% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6, which aids the formation of haemoglobin which carries blood around our bodies and is linked to our immune system.

Brazil Nuts

This store cupboard favourite is packed with selenium which helps the immune system to function and prevents cell and tissue damage. Just two medium sized nuts a day is all you need to have your recommended daily dose.

Sunflower Seeds

A handful of sunflower seeds will provide you with three quarters of your daily dietary recommendation of copper. According to the NHS this is essential in blood cell production and important for supporting our immune systems.

Yeast Flakes

It is important to fortify a plant-based diet to replace Vitamin B12 lost from meat, fish, and dairy. As little as 5g of yeast flakes can provide the daily recommended amount of B12. Our yeast flakes contain minerals zinc, iron, selenium, and copper, which are considered important for healthy immune system function.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can support healthy zinc levels. A diet either low or too high in zinc is believed to have a serious impact on the body’s T-cells, which determine how our bodies respond to viruses, chemicals, or bacteria. Cashews, linseed, and pumpkin seeds can also support your zinc levels.

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