Healthy Recipes

  1. February 28, 2024

    Vegan Bran Chocolate Truffles

    Indulge in the perfect harmony of rich dark chocolate, crunchy bran sticks, and buttery walnuts with these irresistible bran truffles! These truffles are sure to satisfy any chocolate cravings and they are perfect as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Co.

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  2. February 8, 2024

    Vegan Soufflé Protein Pancakes

    Indulge in a protein-packed breakfast adventure with these fluffy Vegan Protein Soufflé Pancakes! Whip up a storm with aquafaba for that perfect airy texture, while the rich cacao powder adds a delicious chocolatey twist.

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  3. December 31, 2023

    Buffalo Chickpeas On Roasted Sweet Potato

    Indulge in a tasty adventure with these Vegan Buffalo Chickpea-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes! These loaded sweet potatoes are perfectly roasted and generously filled with fibre-rich chickpeas, cooked in a tangy buffalo sauce with a blend of spices for a smoky kick.

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  4. December 28, 2023

    Autumnal Rice Bowl

    Caramelised red onion, maple chilli butternut squash, charred courgette and basmati rice bowl with a chilli, soy and peanut sauce.

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  5. December 5, 2023

    Christmas Popcorn Bark

    Indulge in the festive cheer with this enchanting Vegan Christmas Popcorn Bark! A harmonious blend of melted chocolate, crunchy popcorn, mixed nuts, and a sprinkle of crushed candy canes, it's a joyous medley of sweet and salty flavours. Share the holiday spirit by serving or gifting this merry treat - it’s perfect for spreading Christmas cheer!

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  6. November 7, 2023

    Apple Pie Cookie Pizza

    Introducing the cosy and delicious Apple Pie Cookie Pizza! This delightful dessert features a baked cookie dough base, topped with spiced apples, toasted pecans, and a drizzle of peanut butter. Savour every bite of this warm and comforting treat!

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  7. October 11, 2023

    Rick Stein's Christmas Cake

    Chef, restaurateur, writer and TV presenter Rick Stein is best known for his passion for fish. But here he shares his secret for his ideal fruit cake to take you beyond the whirl of Christmas.

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  8. October 10, 2023

    Decadent Chocolate Truffles (Serves 8)

    Indulging in the rich, velvety goodness of homemade dark chocolate truffles, made with Cacao Powder. Perfect for families to make together or a sweet treat for when you're on the go.

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  9. October 10, 2023

    How To Cook With Garlic Granules

    A quick and easy way to add a highly concentrated flavour to any recipe, garlic granules can replace both their fresh and dried equivalents.

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  10. October 10, 2023

    Vegan Red Lentil Brunch Wraps

    Introducing these delightful Red Lentil Brunch Wraps! These wraps are super easy to make - all you need is a pack of dried red lentils and your blender. Magical, right?!

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  11. October 3, 2023

    Vegan Nutella Croissant Rolls

    These delicious stuffed croissant rolls are sure to become a new favourite for anyone with a sweet tooth! Using a fluffy vegan pastry base, these layered rolls are filled with a homemade chocolate and hazelnut butter, which gives them a rich flavour that will make you drool! With roasted hazelnuts on top these stuffed croissant rolls hold a nice crunch, that is simply wonderful alongside your morning coffee or afternoon cup of tea.

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