1. October 10, 2023

    Four Nuts That Pair Perfectly

    There are some food combinations that are a dream team. Chocolate and nuts fit that bill, so here are five nuts that pair perfectly with good quality chocolate:

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  2. February 17, 2023

    Walnut Mince Burrito Bowl

    Packed with black beans, homemade walnut mince and spices. This healthy burrito bowl is a perfect lunch, that pops in colour.  Add your favourite dressings of salsa, guccamole and a special homemade dressing. 

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  3. January 27, 2023

    Could Diet Help The Menopause?

    A new study has shown that diet may help with counteracting the effect of the menopause on women's metabolism. Evidence is growing to suggest that a healthy diet could help with easing symptoms. There's a lot of advice out there - what should you be eating to help with the menopause?

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  4. January 26, 2023

    Pistachio, Polenta and Lemon Cakes

    These Pisatchio, Polenta and Lemon cakes is from Ainsley Harriott's Good Food Mood recipe book. They are also gluten free!

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  5. January 18, 2023

    Homemade Brazil Nut Fudge

    Deliciously smooth homemade fudge with chunks of Brazil nuts, perfect for a on the go snack or to make for someone special. 

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  6. October 24, 2022

    Cheese, Walnut And Apricot Biscuits

    These biscuits are the perfect accompaniment for cheese at the end of a shared festive feast.

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  7. October 24, 2022

    Walnut And Chestnut Sausage Rolls

    Elevate the humble sausage roll with this nutty version which will wow everyone at your party.

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  8. October 24, 2022

    Nut Selections: The Perfect Vegan Party Platter

    It’s time the humble, delicious, and healthy, nut selection made a comeback on our nibbles’ platters. There are no nuts that aren’t good for sharing and won’t be the perfect accompaniment to a celebratory tipple.

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  9. October 24, 2022

    Live Well For Less

    How nutrient-rich store cupboard staples can help with budgeting. Eating healthily while balancing the household budget can be daunting, but a nutrient-rich diet is achievable if your store cupboard staples are put to work. Good nutrition is essential at the very best of times but, when the financial climate changes, getting the balance between healthy food and affordable eating can have a positive effect on our mental as well as our physical health.

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  10. October 24, 2022

    Christmas Stollen

    Historians believe that the first stollen originated in 1329 as a result of a contest offered by a German bishop. Bakers produced the wonderful bread recipe which remains a favourite world-wide. Here we bring you renowned Breton baker Richard Bertinet’s favourite stollen recipe. Richard bakes and teaches in Bath, Somerset and was acclaimed as a food champion by the BBC.

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  11. July 31, 2022

    Vegan Mushroom Tart With Walnuts

    This divine mushroom tart is the perfect centrepiece for any picnic! Full of Mediterranean flavours, the tart base is made to a gluten free pastry recipe and the tart filling is created with creamy cashews, cannellini beans and sundried tomatoes. Topped with mushrooms, crunchy walnuts and a generous drizzle of balsamic glaze for that perfect indulgence!

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