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Not Just a party nut - protein, fibre, vitamins: Pistachios have the lot!

Pistachios are not just a scrumptious snack with cocktails, mocktails or a beer in summer, they have recently come out of the shadow of other tree nuts to take their place as a nutritional powerhouse.

More phosphorus than a cup of milk and as much fibre as half a cup of broccoli, pistachios have come under scrutiny in recent years.

And after research carried out by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, pistachios were found to meet the criteria for being a complete protein.

That means that they contain all of the nine essential amino acids necessary for supporting growth and maintaining health for anyone over five years old.

The study results mean that pistachios join soy, quinoa, and buckwheat as complete proteins from plant-based sources.

The research was “the first study to determine protein quality of pistachio nuts” and found that “pistachio nuts in both the raw and roasted forms are a ‘good’ source of protein”.

As a complete protein, pistachios are now often the go-to for many elite athletes to build and preserve muscle. They also come with B-vitamins ideal for helping the body refuel and recover before and after a workout.

And along with healthy doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that boost the immune system, pistachios are punching above their weight in nutritional terms.

World-renowned performance nutrition expert Nigel Mitchell, who has provided nutritional support to Olympic gold medallists, World Champions and Tour de France winners, backs pistachios as having the nutritional clout to support good health and performance.

Nigel has previously worked for Team Sky and British Cycling and believes in the benefits of pistachios as part of a healthy balanced diet.

He said: “Pistachios can provide a significant contribution to our bodies’ daily protein requirements.”

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