How To Go Meat Free

Photo Credit: "© [aamulya] / Adobe Stock

These small steps are the perfect way to begin going meat free and help put yourself in the best position to continue to do so without feeling like it’s impacting your daily life or that you’re missing out on anything you would usually be craving.

1. Swap It!

Have a look at your ingredient list for the day and see which of your usual favourites could be exchanged for something wholesome, organic, and meat-free.

2. Store Cupboard

Start by stocking up with the kind of staples and essentials that will pack the cupboard with great alternatives to meat, dairy and processed foods. With a range of herbs and spices, lentils, tinned and dried beans, tinned tomatoes, couscous as well as pasta, rice, oils and sauces, there will be a selection of ingredients on hand that you can bank on for healthy, filling meals.

3. Healthy Snacks

Even the sweetest of biscuits can easily be replaced by nuts, dried fruit and peanut butter spread on an apple and provide the kind of energy boost that will see off that afternoon slump and satisfy your cravings throughout the day. 

4. The Big Freeze

It’s easy to grab something fast and unhealthy when you’re busy and feel like you don't have the time. Freezing homemade sauces for the days you know will be your toughest really helps and takes the edge off when you need it the most. 

5. Hello Tofu

The soft white blocks can be chopped and pan-fried, grilled, skewered, stir-fried, and used in all of your favourite soups. This fantastic soybean curd staple can be bought to be refrigerated or, if silken, can keep for months in the cupboard. And it can hold its own in the protein stakes making it a useful plant-based alternative to meat.

Tofy us a fantastic addition to your favourite curries, stir fries, wraps and noodles and can be combined with a wide range of different flavours

6. Smoothie Operator 

There is no end to the variety and delight of making a delicious smoothie. Matcha powder and flaxseeds alongside fresh fruit can provide a great start to the day and give your body the health kick it needs and when it needs it the most.

These are just a few of the ways which can help make going meat-free easier, or simply making changes to adopt a more organic, sustainable and healthy diet and lifestyle. 

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