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5 Amazing things you should know about marine collagen powder

You may have heard about collagen but not know much about it. Well, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you what collagen powder is and its amazing benefits.

What is Marine Collagen Powder?

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and it’s created in the fibroblast cells. You use collagen to keep fibres and tendons strong and elasticated, making it essential for daily functioning. 

From age 25, collagen decreases, which is when your skin and muscles start feeling and looking less supple. However, you can boost collagen by consuming collagen-rich foods and marine collagen powder

Marine collagen is made from fish. When you take it in a powder form, it provides already broken-down protein for quick absorption.  There are multiple types of collagen, but 90% of your collagen is type 1, which marine collagen enhances.

5. Marine Collagen Powder Benefits

If you’re intrigued by marine collagen but unsure what it does, keep reading. We’ll tell you the incredible benefits of a collagen supplement powder and why it’s worth taking.

1. Helps Rejuivante Skin

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Collagen keeps your skin cells healthy, so when you don’t have enough, your skin loses shape. This causes fine lines and wrinkles, or perhaps you notice creases on your face that take a while to disappear. That’s because your skin cannot ‘bounce back’ as easily.

The loss of collagen in your skin is natural, but there is something you can do to slow down the ageing process. 

Taking extra collagen provides elasticity to keep everything supple and firm. Your cells find it easier to retain moisture, which plumps up your skin, smoothing out creases on your face. A collagen supplement also encourages skin cell turnover, helping even out your skin tone.

2. Encourages Healthy Hair Growth

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Hair is built up of a protein called keratin, which creates your hair cuticles. Cuticles overlap each other (a bit like roof shingles), so your hair strands become strong and flexible. Firm cuticles also seal in hydration for soft, shiny hair. 

When you don’t have enough keratin, your hair becomes brittle and dry, snapping off and causing hair loss. And what creates keratin? You guessed it, collagen. 

A collagen boost will give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. Marine collagen is perfect if you have the following hair issues:

  • Dry hair - Collagen will seal the hair cuticle to trap and retain hydration for moisturised and silky hair.
  • Brittle hair - Adding a marine collagen supplement supports the elasticity and strength of your hair strands to reduce snapping and breakage.
  • Lack of hair growth - Enhancing your collagen intake increases blood flow to your hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth.

3. Eases Joint Pain

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Every time you stand up, sit down or reach to open the kitchen cupboards, your tendons are at work. They surround joints and therefore need to be durable so they can return to their original shape. But, as your collagen decreases, the fibres around your joints become thin, causing bones to rub against each other.

Marine collagen powder enhances the proteins your body needs to build muscle and protect your joints. You can hike, run, or get up and down from the sofa with fewer achy joints and muscles.

4. Increases Blood Flow


Marine collagen doesn’t just strengthen hair and tendons. It also supports your blood vessels. If you don’t have enough collagen, the walls of your vessels become weaker, causing them to narrow. This makes it hard for your heart to pump blood around your body. However, if you take extra collagen, it strengthens your arteries' structure.

Here’s what to expect if you take marine collagen for healthy blood flow:

  • Increased energy - An increase in collagen supports vessel walls allowing oxygen to travel around your body more quickly. This gives you the energy you need to feel good throughout the day.
  • Better heart health - Stronger blood vessels from collagen put less strain on your heart. It doesn’t have to work as hard pushing blood around your body, reducing the risk of heart problems.
  • Enhanced sleep - If you have a good blood flow,  your sleep hormone (melatonin) travels more easily. This helps you can drift off for a great night’s rest.

5. Supports A Healthy Gut

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When you lack collagen, your gut barrier weakens, and you may suffer from leaky gut syndrome or IBS. These chronic conditions can cause pain, bloating, excess gas, constipation and diarrhoea.

Collagen knits together the fibres of your stomach wall. It helps to contain and direct any toxins to the right area of your body and effectively absorb nutrients.

What is the Best Marine Collagen Powder?

The best marine collagen powder is made from good ingredients and a high percentage of collagen. We don’t stuff our products with fillers or additives. That’s why our marine collagen is 100% marine collagen peptides. You can be sure you’re getting the quality collagen you need to see the benefits.

How to Take Marine Collagen Powder

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It’s simple and quick to take marine collagen. The easiest way is to add it to smoothies or make a marine collagen powder drink. Simply mix two spoonfuls into your drink of choice. We love orange juice because it’s quick, and the vitamin C from oranges is another collagen booster.

Are There Any Marine Collagen Side Effects?

There are rarely any marine collagen side effects. It may take your digestion system a moment to adjust when you first start taking it, but your body should settle down quickly. However, if you notice any adverse side effects, stop taking it immediately and contact a doctor.

Enjoy Marine Collagen Powder With Grape Tree

Marine collagen powder is an excellent choice if you want a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. You can enjoy the benefits without much effort. Add to a juice, smoothie or yoghurt for fast absorption and enhanced well-being. 

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