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Overnight oats are the easiest way to get the day off to a great start. Packed with health giving properties and made in advance, overnight oats will tick the healthy breakfast box while taking the stress out of making something early in the morning.

We think there are four key steps to making your overnight oats the best thing about your end of the day routine.


It is essential that you use old-fashioned rolled oats. Why? Because quick oats do not have the same consistency. These can be gluten free, but they must not be steel cut.


You can use whatever milk you prefer. Choose from cashew milk, oat milk, full or low fat dairy milk, almond milk and coconut milk. Each will be delicious. You can also use water.

Extra Flavour

Mixing the oats with chia seeds is a great way of adding texture. The tiny superfood is packed with nutrients to support heart and bone health while also being useful in maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. If you have a slightly sweeter tooth then Manuka honey, maple syrup or maybe even vanilla extract can lift the taste and make your mornings start on a sweet note.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to popping on a topping. Nut butters, fresh fruit or seeds and spice – think nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon. Whatever you choose will turn your breakfast into a treat.

To Make:

Our tip is to use the same ratio of oats to water or milk. Add in chia, yoghurt, vanilla extract to taste. With a little practice you will settle on the ratios that suit your taste. Mix well until smooth and then pop in the fridge overnight. In the morning you will rewarded with a delicious oat base for the topping of your choice.