Festive Survival Guide

Grape Tree's Festive Survival Guide

We have pulled together recipes that when planned in advance will help you survive the run-up to the festive season. Including our ever delicious, tried and tested Classic Christmas Cake which can be made weeks in advance and decorated just ahead of your celebration. Not only is there a vegan option but we have also included two ways to decorate your centrepiece.

Meanwhile Michelin star chef and family favourite Tom Kerridge reveals his secret weapon for the main event of the biggest family day of the year, his incredible home-made stuffing balls.

And while we are all almost certain to have a guest who may not enjoy the traditional meal, we have ensured that our vegan and vegetarian friends have a delicious option too.

So, if you want to get ahead, get organised this festive season. Yule thank us for it!

Festive recipes to plan in advance:

Tom Kerridge Stuffing Balls

The Grape Tree Classic Christmas Cake (*Vegan option)

Christmas Nut Loaf (Vegan)


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Tom Kerridge Stuffing Balls