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A quick and easy way to add a highly concentrated flavour to any recipe, garlic granules can replace both their fresh and dried equivalents.

And because of their strong flavour content the granules can be used more sparingly to boost any dish.

Not only that but granules mean you will skip the preparation stage, leaving the chopping for another day.

As a robust store cupboard favourite this is the perfect go-to for those times when you need to quickly pull together a tasty meal.

Just a quarter of a teaspoon is the equivalent of one garlic clove if you are following a recipe.

And remember garlic granules and powder are interchangeable in any dish, though powder packs an even stronger punch.

A good rule of thumb is to use half the quantity of powder to granules in any recipe.

Garlic granules are ideal as an ingredient for pasta dishes and as a fast-topping booster for pizzas, while homemade garlic bread has never been easier.

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