The number of organic foods coming from the Grape Tree packing and labelling lines has now topped 50.

Among the most recent arrivals are tricolour quinoa which join chia, hemp and sunflower under the organic seeds banner. 

But the Grape Tree Organic list now encompasses many of our most popular products from apricots and almonds to goji berries and walnuts.

There are also dozens of other organic labels on the shelves from leading suppliers like Biona and Clearspring. There are now so many types of organic tea at Grape Tree that you could sample a different one every day of the month and still not exhaust the choices.

What is happening here is a green revolution driven entirely by you. And for totally understandable reasons.

Once you have begun making decisions about the quality of your diet and your lifestyle then the word organic rises inevitably over the horizon. Because organic food production doesn’t simply mean an instant reversal in levels of pesticides used in our fields. Although that is surely needed when Government testing is still finding residues in almost half of the food we eat.

Organic means a more sustainable management of the land and a dramatic fall in chemicals running off fields into rivers and ultimately the sea.

It means a reduced threat to wildlife and the environment and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

There are those who think it is just a touch overly optimistic to believe that we can make an impact on these massive issues by buying organic. I simply refer them to the words of the leading organic body the Soil Association:

“There is no magic bullet to tackle the challenges that face us but the buying decisions we make every day are a simple but powerful form of direct action.”

Explore shop by diet in the full Organic category, plus all of our own label organic products in the Grape Tree Organic range.