Multivitamins are a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. Consistently consuming them makes it easier to top up your nutritional requirements rather than taking multiple supplements. 

Supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet but a way to boost your nutrient intake for maximum health potential. They’re also a great option if you struggle with a vitamin deficiency, which can cause fatigue, health problems, lack of focus, hair loss and acne. Check out our multivitamins below:

BetterYou MultiVit Daily Oral Spray - The delicious strawberry and kiwi oral spray combines fourteen essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, K, B6, niacin, retinol, folic acid and biotin. Just four pumps a day will lift your vitamin intake.

Grape Tree Multivitamins - The Grape Tree Multivitamins contain 240 capsules packed with vitamins C, E, A, D3, B1, B2 and niacin. Take one tablet daily for health and wellness benefits.

Health and beauty benefits of multivitamins

• Boost in brain functioning
• Fortified immune system
• Better energy 
• High-quality sleep
• Fast muscle recovery
• Hair growth
• Glowing skin
• Heart health
• Increased blood flow
• Less tiredness
• Enhanced mood
• Good focus
• Great gut health
• Strong joints
• Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes

Key nutrients in multivitamins

Multivitamins are an incredible way to bridge the gap between vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They are not a substitute for meals but enhance your energy, mood and focus alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. Below are some multivitamin nutrients and how they improve your health:

Vitamin A (retinol) - Vitamin A (also known as retinol) fortifies your immune system against harmful pathogens. It also increases the health of vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.

Vitamins B1 and B2 - B vitamins lower your stress hormone, cortisol. When cortisol is too high, it can cause sleep disruption, irritability, anxiety, low moods and difficulty focusing. B vitamins are often found in meat, so a B supplement is essential if you follow a vegan diet.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a critical component in building the protein collagen. Collagen gives tendons, skin, arteries, muscles, joints, hair and skin strength and elasticity. It also plays a role in fighting off illness.

Vitamin D3 - You mainly absorb vitamin D from the sun, but it’s tough getting enough in the UK (particularly in drizzly winter). Vitamin D3 is the easiest for your body to ingest, helping with hair growth, moods and your sleep cycle.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E lowers the potential of blood clots forming in your arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease. It also contributes to building antibodies that fight harmful pathogens when you get sick.

Vitamin K - Vitamin K is critical for well-running and functioning essential organs, such as your liver, heart and kidneys. The effect enhances blood flow to circulate oxygen and nutrients for higher energy levels.

Niacin (B3) - Niacin (or B3) protects your body against inflammation. This widens artery walls for better circulation, so your heart doesn’t have to work overtime. It also contributes to gut health and bouncy skin and reduces joint pain.

Calcium - Calcium plays a role in balancing enzymes, which affect energy and mood. You also need it for strong and healthy bones and teeth.

Potassium - Potassium transforms protein into energy for excellent mental health, enhanced energy levels and balanced moods. It’s another mineral that protects your body by boosting your immune system against coughs and colds.

Biotin - Biotin is a protein that builds keratin, which creates your hair's structure. It also contributes to soft, calm skin and strong nails, making it the ideal beauty supplement.

We believe in feeling your best self at all times. So, browse our multivitamins today to enhance your vitamins and minerals for a more energised and happier you.

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