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From our warehouse to product ranges, we are proud of all our choices.

In a changing world where climate, health and wellbeing issues can affect trade and business, Grape Tree remains committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment.

With a largely plant-based range of more than 1,000 products, the lack of meat and dairy in our foods is widely accepted as being better for the environment.

Many of the products on sale in our network of shops across Scotland, Wales and England have been identified by nutritionists and scientists from around the world as contributing to good health.

And as nuts and seeds in particular are predicted to play a crucial role in feeding Earth’s increased population of the future, Grape Tree is hopeful of playing a role in the sustainability of changing dietary habits.

Since Grape Tree foods are carried by sea, there is a much-reduced environmental impact than if transporting by air. Fresh produce must reach supermarkets in peak condition and so some don’t have the same sustainable travel choices available to them.

At Grape Tree each product is meticulously sourced from the finest natural whole foods, offering exceptional value, choice, and quality.

And as a registered British organic retailer the Grape Tree Buying and New Product Development team are constantly seeking to expand the product range to fulfil the company’s commitment to sustainability and traceability.

The packaging choices at Grape Tree’s Midlands warehouses include paper and cardboard and recyclable plastic wherever possible, extending the ethical approach to sourcing and packaging.

Leanne Mason, from the Buying and New Product Development Team, added: “We work hard to ensure that Grape Tree is constantly monitoring package development and balancing organic accreditation alongside our environmental commitments.”

And Grape Tree continues to investigate even greater carbon offsetting including switching stores to use LED lighting.

Research shows that when LED lighting is compared to a standard incandescent bulbs, they use 80% less energy.

Founder Nick Shutts added: “Grape Tree is dedicated to ensuring our products are second to none. We continue to reach around the globe for new and better sources of delicious and nutritious, natural foods.

“Our products offer key elements of a healthy diet whether the focus is on proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, or antioxidants.

“And we actively seek new products demanded by our customers that are natural, organic, free from, vegan and vegetarian.”

Did you know..

…that we have more than 700 staff working across our store network, warehouses and in our offices at our Midlands HQ?

And we have recently added a warehouse next to our Kingswinford base.

Our expansion is to enable us to deliver more health-giving good food to our store network and to our online customers.

Nick Shutts added: “With more capacity next to our head office and other warehouse teams we are able to offer more affordable products direct to the people that matter most to us and as quickly as we can.”