Dried Pears

Dried pears are dehydrated fresh pears that turn to a sweet, chewy texture. They are high in dietary fibre and benefit your heart health, digestion, blood flow and cholesterol. The humble dried fruit contains vitamins C and K. They are also abundant in crucial minerals such as potassium, folate and copper.

Grape Tree’s delicious pear halves are easy to eat, bursting with nutrition and make an excellent snack for your sweet tooth.

Nutritional benefits of dried pears

Dried pears don’t just taste scrumptious. They are also abundant in vitamins and minerals for your health and well-being.

High in vitamin C - Vitamin C is vital for collagen, which supports the strength and elasticity in tendons, tissue, muscle, bones, hair and skin. It’s also a super-powered anti-oxidant to protect your cells against oxidative stress. 

Contain vitamin K - Vitamin K isn’t a well-known vitamin in the health and beauty space. However, it’s critical for your essential organs, including your liver, kidneys, and heart, for better blood flow and optimal energy.

Source of potassium - Potassium manages muscle movement, which you need for everyday functioning. That means anything from sports activities to painting, cooking, and typing. It also balances blood pressure, aiding your physical and mental health.

Contains folate - Folate is crucial for growth and development and is often mentioned as a supplement for a healthy pregnancy. However, it also gives you energy and manages your moods. So, eating dried pears will help reduce tiredness and benefit your mental health. 

Contains copper- The mineral copper increases energy by enabling the body to absorb iron efficiently. It also enhances blood circulation and builds tissue.

Easy ways to eat dried pears

Dried pear halves are incredibly simple to eat (it helps that they taste delicious!). Here are some of our favourite ways to eat dried pears:

Eat as they are - Dried pears taste fantastic when eaten raw. Store in your cupboard and nibble on them for a fibrous energy boost.

Add dried pears to your desserts - Decorate desserts with dried pear halves or dice and mix them into fruit cake. You can use them to top ice cream for added indulgence.

Combine into a trail mix - Dried pears bring a savoury trail mix sweetness. Combine with your favourite nuts and seeds for a snack that enhances your health. 

Chop into cereal bars - Homemade cereal bars or protein balls are budget-friendly and have far less sugar and additives than store-bought ones. Dice up dried pears and add them to the mix for bites of chewy pear.

Give your breakfast a touch of sweetness - If you’re tired of the same breakfast and want to change it up, combine dried pear with plain Greek yoghurt, granola or porridge. 

Our premium-quality golden South African Pear Halves are wonderfully juicy with a rich sweetness, making them ideal to snack on for energy and fibre. Browse our stock today.

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