Dried Mango

Mango is golden-yellow or orange in colour with a deliciously sweet flavour and a mildly tangy aftertaste. Dried mango slices are slightly chewy in texture, but this varies from piece to piece, with large slices having softer flesh and thinner slices with more bite. They are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth or if you need an energy pick-me-up. 

Mangos are fantastic for boosting your mood as they release the pleasure hormones dopamine and melatonin. They also balance blood sugar levels, curb cravings from refined-sugary treats and are a source of fibre. They contain vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A and folate.

Nutritional benefits of dried mango

Dried mango is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals, making them an ideal snack when you’re feeling peckish or to add sweetness to dishes.

Abundant in vitamin C - The vibrant mango is packed with vitamin C, which builds collagen, the most abundant protein in your body. Collagen helps everything from eyesight to strong joints, skin elasticity and a healthy heart.

High in fibre - Mango is a delicious source of fibre that is essential for a well-functioning digestive system. Fibre is also great for heart health, stabilising blood pressure and minimising the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Source of potassium - The mineral potassium helps with regular functioning by providing cells with enough fuel to work correctly. Every tissue in your body needs potassium, so eating a handful of dried mango slices is a fantastic way to increase your intake.

Rich in vitamin A - Vitamin A is also known as retinol and enhances your immune system whilst helping essential organs, such as the lungs, liver, heart, and kidneys.

Contains folate - You need folate for growth and development, making it critical during pregnancy. When you don’t have enough folate, you may struggle with extreme tiredness and a decline in your mental health. So, include dried mango in your diet to keep your levels stable.

Easy ways to eat dried mango

Dried mango is one of the most beloved dried fruits out there, so it is no surprise that there are numerous easy ways to eat it. Below are a few of our favourites:

Eat as a tasty snack - You can eat dried mango straight from the packet. It makes a great snack if you’re going on a long walk for a sweet energy boost.

Put on top of breakfasts - Sprinkle chopped dried mango into granola, porridge or over yoghurt for a honey-sweet fibrous boost.

Make mango energy bites - Not everyone is a fan of coconut energy balls, and if that’s you, creating them with dried mango will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Add to mango curry - Dried mango goes incredibly well in curry for a sweet, savoury, nutritious dish.

Bake dried mango muffins - Tiny pieces of dried mango in muffins? Yes please! They make a mouth-watering baked-good treat.

We provide organic dried mango and a medley of choice mango slices. Pick up your selection of dried mango as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth or add to dishes.

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Premium Organic Mango 375g
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Premium Organic Mango 375g

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