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Dried Figs

Native to Turkey and India, figs are a purply-coloured fruit abundant in rich pink-red seeds. They are deliciously sweet, tasting like a blend of honey, berries and dates. When dried, figs take on a slightly wrinkly texture, are mildly plump and retain their syrup-like flavour.

Adding figs to your diet is great for your health because they are high in potassium, fibre, calcium and small amounts of iron and zinc. These properties help balance glucous levels, aid healthy bowel movements, enhance heart health and improve bone strength. 

We provide a brilliant selection of sundried figs, soft figs, diced figs and a blend of dried fruits. The delectable sugary taste of figs means you can get their best health benefits when eaten in moderation.

Nutritional benefits of dried figs

Dried figs are small powerhouses of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function healthily. Here are just a few of their advantages:

Added iron - Figs have small traces of iron, which is fantastic for boosting your energy. With better energy, you can expect improved brain function and moods.

Source of potassium - Potassium manages fluid levels inside of cells. This enables cells to have the fuel they need to work efficiently. Potassium also balances blood pressure and helps with muscle movements.

Boosts fibre - Your body needs fibre for its digestive system, and dried figs are one way to increase your intake. Fibre is essential to minimise bloating, stomach pains, excess gas, constipation and diarrhoea for a healthy gut.

Improves calcium - You don’t only get calcium from milk, in fact, many fruits and vegetables are fantastic sources. Calcium enables you to have healthy bones, teeth and nails, which improves fitness and oral health.

Contains zinc- Zinc enhances your metabolism, enabling your body to properly extract and absorb nutrients from food. The mineral also plays a part in enhancing your immune function to protect against colds and diseases.

Easy ways to eat dried figs

These tasty delights are easy to include in your diet to enhance health and wellness. Check out some of our ideas to consume figs:

Eat as sweet treats - The first and foremost way to eat dried figs is by themselves. Their syrupy goodness makes them the perfect energy-boosting snack.

Add to baking - Sliced-up dried figs are tiny pieces of heaven in baking, and you can use them to make a classic figgy pudding!

Dip in yoghurt or chocolate - Figs are already sweet, but if you want to go all in, experiment with dipping them in yoghurt or chocolate.  You can also let the dips harden in the fridge before indulging.

Garnish your breakfast with chopped figs - Need some sweetness in the morning? This delicious dried fruit goes wonderfully with porridge, granola or Greek yoghurt.

Eat in a dried fruit blend - Dried fruits are an incredibly tasty snack for added fibre and a lift in energy. Include figs in your dried fruit mix for their irresistible honey-berry-like taste.

If you haven’t had figs before, we highly recommend choosing from our carefully selected fig products. Try them sundried, chopped or diced for a tasty addition to your diet.

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