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Dried Bananas

Bananas are traditionally from Southeast Asia and grow in skins with pale yellow flesh. They sweeten as they ripen and can be eaten fresh or dried. When dried, banana chips make crunchy, honey-like treats. They deepen into a golden yellow and are the perfect long-term alternative to fresh bananas, which can quickly go off.

Eating dried bananas releases the happy hormone serotonin. They also balance blood pressure, help digestion and heart health and protect cells against radical damage. Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, manganese and fibre.

We have a wonderful choice of organic dried, freeze-dried, boutique banana chips, whole-dried bananas, and yoghurt-coated banana chips.

Nutritional benefits of dried banana

Bananas are a wonderful fruit to regularly consume for their health benefits. Dried banana is easy to transport, making it the perfect nutritional snack. Here are some of its top benefits:

Abundant in vitamin C - Dried bananas have a high amount of vitamin C, which enhances the immune system by encouraging the body to produce white blood cells and fight harmful bacteria. Vitamin C also helps with eyesight, muscle strength, hair growth and skin health.

Rich in magnesium - Magnesium supports muscle coordination, making dried bananas fantastic for increasing everything from sports performance to drawing and typing.  The mineral also regulates the sleep hormone melatonin for a peaceful night’s rest.

Full of potassium - Potassium stimulates the body to synthesise protein and extract nutrients for energy, so eat dried bananas to reduce fatigue.

Packed with fibre - Dried banana has plenty of fibre to keep your gut lining strong and extract vital minerals and vitamins. Fibre also regulates bowel movements, reducing bloating, excessive gas and stomach cramps.

Contains manganese - Manganese is a wonderful anti-inflammatory that regulates blood clotting for faster wound healing. It also generates anti-oxidants to protect the body against free radicals triggered by UV rays, ageing and pollution.

Easy ways to eat dried banana

Dried bananas are portable and incredibly simple to store. This means that there are many different and simple ways to eat them.

Snack on them raw - Sweet dried banana chips are a snack you can have on the go and taste delicious yoghurt-coated.

Add to baking - Crunchy banana chips are a tasty addition to baking. Include them in cakes, cookies or any dessert of your choice.

Luxuriously dip into chocolate - Boost the sweetness of dried bananas by dipping them as chips or whole into velvety smooth chocolate.

Sprinkle on top of breakfast - A garnish of banana chips gives Greek yoghurt, cereal and porridge a healthy, sweet snap.

Our dried banana chips are a staple in your health and wellness food cupboard. Add to baking, keep them to yourself or share for a flavoursome sweet treat.

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