Gender Pay Gap

Grape Tree 2024 Gender Pay Gap Report

Report Methodology

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

A gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in the average pay of men and women - regardless of the nature of their work across an entire organisation, business sector, industry or the economy as a whole. It can be driven by the different number of men and women across all roles.

What is Equal Pay?

The gender pay gap is different from an equal pay comparison, which would involve direct comparison of two people or groups of people carrying out the same, similar or equivalent job.

The audit is not simply a data collection exercise. It entails a commitment to put right any pay inequalities and this means that there should be involvement and support from managers within the organisation to deliver necessary changes.

Croner Reward’s proprietary tool is designed to rigorously test the fairness of an organisation’s pay system through a variety of different tasks by analysing the required cross-sections of your organisation.

These include probing the pay differences between males and females for hourly pay and bonuses.

The output of this analysis indicates where, if at all, any risk and potential exposure exists. For both males and females, the essential features that have been analysed in this report are the base hourly full pay rates and bonus payments for all relevant employees.

The outcomes provided through our analysis highlight:

  • The differences in mean hourly pay
  • The differences in median hourly pay
  • The differences in bonus payments
  • The distribution of bonuses to male and female employees
  • The percentage of male and female employees in each hourly rate quartile

In our conclusions you will find:

  • An illustration of any gaps or risks that exist
  • Access to telephone advice and support

How are the Median Gaps Calculated?

Using the calculations set out in the gender pay gap reporting regulations, we have taken pay data for relevant roles from the entire business which includes many different roles that bring a variety of rates of pay.

Imagine if all employees stood in two lines (male and female) in order of lowest hourly rate of pay to highest. The median gender pay gap is the difference in pay between the female employee in the middle of their line and the male employee in the middle of their line.

How are the Mean Gaps Calculated?

The mean gender pay gap shows the difference in average hourly rate of pay between men and women. This is also affected by the different numbers of men and women in different roles.

Bonus Payment Calculations

Bonus calculations relate to payments made to all eligible employees in the 12 months preceding the snapshot date.

Bonus pay includes any additional pay relating to profit sharing, productivity or performance, when in the form of money or vouchers. Both median and mean calculations are carried out when comparing bonus pay over a twelve month period. The proportion of men and women awarded any bonus pay over that period is also reported.

How are the Pay Quartiles Calculated?

As part of the gender pay report, we also show the percentage of men and women in each pay quartile.

Quartiles are calculated by listing the rates of pay for each employee across the business from lowest to highest, before splitting the list into four equal-sized groups and calculating the percentage of males and females in each.

What’s Included in our Hourly Pay Calculations?

Calculations of mean and median pay and of quartile pay bands are based on data from April 2023 only, including ordinary full pay and bonus/commission paid in the same pay period.

Ordinary pay is not limited to basic pay, but also includes other types of pay such as pay for leave and shift premium pay. It doesn’t include pay for overtime, pay relating to redundancy/ termination of employment, pay in lieu of leave or the value of benefits which are not in the form of money.

Analysis of Results

• The hourly pay analysis is based on 614 relevant full pay employees.
• The bonus analysis is based on 18 relevant employees
• The mean hourly full pay gap is 8.29% in favour of the male workforce; and the median hourly full pay gap is 0.00% in favour of the female workforce.
• The mean bonus pay gap is 8.55%; and the median bonus pay gap is 4.95%, both in favour of males.
100% of all relevant males and 100% of all relevant females received a bonus payment in the twelve months preceding the snapshot date.

Pay - Hourly Rate

The difference between men and women.

Pay Quartiles

Total distribution of male and female employees by hourly pay quartile.

Bonus Pay

Bonus pay difference between men and women.

Source: Grape Tree 2024 Gender Pay Report